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So far, Outfit7 has released a lot of mobile games about the cat Tom who can speak the human voice or parody any sound. Recently, they have launched a new entertainment game about cat Tom with friends. This game is called Talking Tom Cake Jump and was released in early July. It’s now available on both Google Play for Android and AppStore for iOS devices. Accordingly, Talking Tom Cake Jump will be an entertaining game with extremely simple but addictive gameplay. So what’s about the gameplay of Talking Tom Cake Jump, how to download games? Let’s take a look at the article below.

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Talking Tom Cake Jump – Outfit7’s new entertainment game

Simple gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Talking Tom Cake Jump is a fairly simple game that anyone can play. Joining the game, you will control the Tom or another friend of Tom to jump on the cream cake with the goal to jump as high as possible. The cream cake will move from two sides to the center of the screen, and you have to reasonably wait to put these creams overlap to form a ladder. If the cakes get off or hit the Tom, the game ends with the score you got.

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Every time you jump on a cake, you get 1 point. If the two cakes can completely stick together, you will get the Perfect and the score will increase very fastly. The difficulty of the game will gradually increase as the cakes will move faster, without any rules so you will get more difficult to control the Tom. So your only mission in this game is to simply play to get as high score as possible.

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This game is pretty simple, so when the cakes are close, you just need to touch the screen to get Tom to jump on the cake. The controlling and playing style of Talking Tom Cake Jump is not totally new, as there have been many similar games before.

Download Talking Tom Cake Jump APK

In terms of graphics, the Talking Tom Cake Jump is only equipped with 2D graphics, but that’s more than enough for a simple entertainment game. The images in the game are nothing new compared to other game about the cat Tom that Outfit7 has released before. In a word, Talking Tom Cake Jump is simple but very addictive for the player. Here is the download link for you to download and experience.

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