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Sword Man Monster Hunter 1

Sword Man – Monster Hunter is an exciting new role-playing game which was released a few days ago by the publisher GMS Adventure. Currently, this new RPG is only released for Android, while the iOS version will be released shortly after. Accordingly, Sword Man – Monster Hunter has the role-playing gameplay with the Rockman style which is extremely interesting. To learn more about the features of the Sword Man – Monster Hunter, please refer to the review below,

Sword Man Monster Hunter 1

Sword Man – Monster Hunter: A new role-playing game from GMS Adventure

Special gameplay

Sword Man – Monster Hunter brings you the exact same style as the game Rockman – the blockbuster long ago. Your character will still go around and kill the bosses, with a refreshingly upgraded weapon system. Joining the Sword Man, the player will play the role of a bounty hunter against the huge number of monsters and giant bosses while having to dodge the deadly traps to complete the mission. Besides, you will have chances to explore a wide range of caves, dungeons with many secret areas to find the rewards.

Sword Man Monster Hunter 3

By hunting down the monsters, the Sword Man asks you to collect a variety of items and use them to build or upgrade your main weapon system. Players can create powerful swords themselves or pick them up through the missions. These swords possess different typical strengths such as to freeze, burn, …

Not only possessing different strengths, the swords also have their own distinctive graphics effects, making it a must-have for those who like to play the weapons collecting game. The more swords are upgraded, the more powerful they are. You may also clash with difficult bosses, but they can be overpowered by using the right weapon against them.

Sword Man Monster Hunter 2

What’s the graphics?

Sword Man – Monster Hunter is equipped with 2D graphics in the modern direction. So the image quality in the game is as sharp as other 3D games. Sword Man – Monster Hunter brings the game extremely fun battles with a smooth feeling for players. The creation of the character and boss in the game is quite impressive, which is set to create the impression for players from the first experience.

Download Sword Man – Monster Hunter APK

Are you looking for a role-playing game to relax in your free time or to waste the time without the need of internet connection? Then do not hesitate to download the Sword Man – Monster Hunter. You can select the appropriate link for your device through the link below to experience it, there will be the original version from Google Play along with Sword Man – Monster Hunter APK for you.

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