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App NameSwift Installer
Publisher Nishith Khanna
Require8.0 and up
MOD InfoPatched
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The default interface of your device makes you feel bored? Why don’t you change it up with the diverse themes from Swift Installer?


Android is a fully customizable open operating system. As long as users have good support tools, they can deeply intervene in the operating system to make personal customizations. In the version of Android Oreo 8.0 released in 2017, Google, the father of the Android operating system, opened the door more widely to free personalization options. You can already easily install themes made from simple ADB source codes like Substratum. However, Google quickly closed this door in Android 9.0.

Even so, from the existing platforms, independent developers quickly created solutions. We are talking about Swift Installer. This app reimagines the best ever on Android 8.0’s Substratum. Not only that, there are many new features available to expand the customization area for themes on your Android device.

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About Swift Installer- Themes & color engine

Just like you, your phone also needs to take care of its exterior and interior. By changing the phone case and theme with the same set, your phone will be more attractive. If the available theme does not satisfy you, Swift Installer with interesting customization features will satisfy you. Nishith Khanna is the developer of this unique theme customization app.  It will change the look of your device and brighten your mood. Also, it gives you creative space and the ability to customize on-demand. Its theme library is huge and ready to fulfill your design desires. Moreover, with high customization and flexibility, you will never find it difficult to customize the theme for your device.

Swift Installer is perfectly compatible with Samsung smartphones. If you are using a different brand or stock Android device, you need to root your device. The application works quite well on most Android smartphones running OS 9.0 and above. There are still some cases of feedback about errors due to software conflicts, but they are insignificant. However, you need to have a certain understanding of the settings in this application before using it. You know, the interface is the important overlay of any operating system. Invalid third-party interventions have the opportunity to cause problems for the operating system. So make sure you understand what you’re doing on Swift Installer.

In case you want to use it in a safe way, there are pre-set theme packs and tweaks available for you to apply right away.

Swift Installer is safe and valid. So you can find it easily on Play Store as a paid app. In case you can’t pay $1.99 to get it from the app market, you can download and install it for free here. Sound great?

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Key features of Swift Installer App

Swift Installer provides the best tools for you to install and set up Swift Substratum themes on your Android device. Here are the salient features of this app.

Customize background and icon color

Swift Installer provides users with a variety of themes in different colors and designs. You can find thousands of colors and icon patterns. Each icon pattern will have its character and make your device’s interface special. If you don’t know which color matches your device, let see the system’s suggestion. Also, it offers unique static and dynamic backgrounds. Just like icon colors, the number of background themes you can find is huge. They come in various colors and designs. You can set up individual colors for each of your screens. However, to enjoy the exotic and antique colors, you need to download them from the library. Most all of them are free, but with advanced colors, you need to pay money to download them.

Currently, Swift Installer supports most of the popular apps. You can check the list of supported apps here.

Large and diverse theme library

Swift Installer’s theme library does not only provide wallpapers but also many other elements. You can choose from thousands of icons, the overall design, and the color of other on-screen objects. No barrier can stop you from selecting a topic. You are free to choose your favorite theme or even create your own. You can select individual elements from the gallery to change or choose to change as a whole. If you select each element separately, you can change the color of the notification bar and icons and customize them. In addition, to help users save more time, this theme library is divided into various categories. These categories help to localize options based on user preferences. In that way, you can focus on the main elements of your interest instead of skimming the secondary elements that are not in focus.

Easy access without root

To fully utilize the features of a theme, the user’s device is usually required to be rooted before installation. This rooting process is often time-consuming and annoying. It’s only for those who are patient enough. However, with Swift Installer, if you own non-rooted devices, you still can experience full features. You do not need to wait time but can enjoy the unique theme library right after installation. Moreover, the app provides the latest weekly updates so that users can discover new things. In particular, when updating, the old options are still preserved. Therefore, you do not have to reinstall all the overlays when using the themes in the new update.

Quick and easy theme setup

Installing themes manually is annoying, affects other device files, and is time-consuming. In particular, you have to adjust each part instead of the whole. However, with Swift Installer, all installation operations are simplified. Quick and convenient would be the two keywords for the setup in this tool. All changes are shown on the main interface. Just read, choose the right customization, and tick them.

Note, before applying themes to your device, ley download them. The storage capacity of these themes is not much. So you don’t have to worry about them running out of storage space. After successful installation, it allows you to try the theme to see the fit. Try this theme on all elements before hitting confirm. If you don’t like these settings, you can reset your device and try a new theme.

Swift Installer-apk-features

User-friendly and minimalistic interface

Without too much text or complicated symbols to use, the interface in Swift Installer is optimized to enhance the user experience. It offers high responsiveness, vivid visual effects, and excellent transitions. All available content is also set up for users to choose and use right away. In one place, users can make all customizations. Even updating versions can be done at the main interface. You don’t need to open settings to do this. Plus, you can see how overlays are performing and which elements need overlay updates. What’s more, the theme color scheme is originally black, giving you extra focus on your choices.

Enjoy Swift Installer for free with our mod

It is free to download and install Swift Installer from our blog. While Swift Installer is a great app for customizing the look and feel of your Android device, it’s quite difficult to use. Compatibility is also a matter of concern. The developer confirms that their app can work well on most Android devices running OS 9.0 or higher, but there are exceptions. It gets really annoying when you pay $1.99 to buy Swift Installer from Play Store but then it won’t work on your device. Don’t worry because now you can download it for free at apkmazon.


Changing the theme for your device brings many benefits. It does not enhance your experience but also increases your mood. Relax and be creative with thousands of unique theme options from Swift Installer now. Get this app and refresh the look of your device.

Download Swift Installer MOD APK (Patched) 533

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