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App NameSwamp Attack 2
Publisher Hyper Dot Studios Limited
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Slow Joe and his family are back in the sequel to the Swamp Attack series from Hyper Dot Studios Limited. You will continue to accompany this fat guy to shoot down all the monsters in the swamp and protect your house.

Introducing Swamp Attack 2

In 2014, Outfit7 Limited released Swamp Attack on two Android and iOS app markets. It immediately created an explosion. This game has now reached over 100 million downloads on the Play Store and it is always on the list of the best games on Android. The sequel in this series has been officially franchised and developed by Hyper Dot Studios. The game launched in December 2020 and only soft-launch in some countries.

Swamp Attack 2 is still a tower defense game with simple gameplay when the player’s task is to do everything to prevent the swamp monsters from attacking the protagonist’s house. The story in the game plays out similar to what we learned in the first part. The monsters have returned under the leadership of the crocodile lord. They attacked the Joe family’s house from the swamp. Our main character, although a gentle guy, still has to stand up against monsters. You will use guns and other weapons to shoot them down.

Swamp Attack 2 story

Gameplay is simple but addictive

Basically, the gameplay of Swamp Attack 2 is still similar to the first version. You control the main character is Joe or a member of his family. He sat on a wooden chair in front of his house, listened to music from the radio, and faced enemy attacks in the swamp. The only goal of these monsters is to head to the house and destroy it. Your mission is to do everything to stop attacks and protect your home. At some stages, you also need to protect the chickens that are lying in front of the house. To do that, your character is equipped with a lot of different weapons. They are guns. The controls are very simple when you just need to touch the monsters to shoot and defeat them.

Your task sounds simple but it is definitely just the feeling when you play the first few levels only. The higher the level, the more monsters appear. They are stronger and faster. Speed is what you need right now. Take precise aim at your opponent to prevent attacks. Note that each weapon has a reload time. When you fire up a magazine, you need to wait for it to be reloaded. Right now is the most dangerous time when monsters can approach the house.

There is an orange bar located in the top right corner. It shows the progress of the stage. When the bar is filled and monsters cannot attack the house, you win the level. Swamp Attack 2 has more than 1000 different levels for you to conquer. These are divided into episodes with lots of special tasks and surprising rewards.

Monsters system

Swamp Attack 2 introduces a lot more new monsters compared to the first version. The monsters in the game are the animals that we often see in real life such as crocodiles, mice, beavers, mosquitoes, turtles. Under the impact of polluted water, these organisms are transformed and become wicked. They are very aggressive and bloodthirsty. Therefore, there is no reason for you to tolerate attacks.

Each monster in the game has different characteristics. Crocodiles move at normal speed and have great damage when near you. The turtles move more slowly but have more health. When you shoot the shells, they move faster and become very dangerous. Mosquitoes fly at high speed and can attack from a distance. Rats know how to use guns and if you don’t destroy them as soon as possible, you’ll regret it.

You should not underestimate any of the monsters in Swamp Attack 2 because they are very dangerous. At the end of stages, they spawn a lot, and if you’re not agile enough, you can easily be overwhelmed by attacks. In some levels of the game also has the appearance of bosses. They are gigantic and extremely powerful creatures. Taking down these bosses is difficult but if you are successful, the rewards are huge.

Swamp Attack 2 characters

Unlock and upgrade characters

In Swamp Attack 2, initially, you can only play one character, Slow Joe. However, he is not the only character you can play with. You can unlock new characters that are members of Slow Joe’s family. New characters are unlocked while playing or you can also buy them from the store. Currently, the game has 12 different characters to play. They are Welder, Neighbor Willy, Sonny, Larry, Wei, Frosty, Pepper, Uncle Hairy …

Character upgrading is also a great way to increase your chances of winning in stages. You need to use coins to perform upgrades. As your character levels up, the equipment also enhances. Besides, upgrades help you unlock new weapons and new support items.

Each character in Swamp Attack 2 has a different equipment system. If Joe uses a Shotgun, Welder has a rifle as his favorite weapon. Each character is equipped with up to two different weapons. The 2nd weapon is unlocked when upgrading your character to level 7. Besides guns, there are other items available to assist you in your attacks.

Graphics and sound

Honestly, the graphics of Swamp Attack 2 are not much different from its predecessor. The game still uses traditional 2D graphics. The characters are designed in a funny cartoon style. This is a plus point of the game. Our main character is a fat guy and is always scowling. His looks make you laughable even in the most intense situations in battles.

The sounds in Swamp Attack 2 are sure to get you excited. Remember, we said that the main character sits on a chair and listens to the radio. The music in the game comes from this radio and it differs from stage to stage. The vibrant background music makes you always feel excited about the battle. Besides, the mix of the sounds of gunshots, firecrackers, and the cries of monsters created a chaotic and crazy scene.

Swamp Attack 2 gameplay

Currency in the game

Swamp Attack 2 uses 2 main currencies in the game, Coins, and Diamonds. Coins can be earned after each level of play, or collected directly on the game screen by shooting at the rubber ducks. You use coins to upgrade your character.

Diamonds are harder to find. You can only get them by opening chests after each win or buying them directly in the store. Diamonds are used to upgrade characters and restore their energy.

MOD APK of Swamp Attack 2

Mod features:

Unlimited coins and diamonds: You have a lot of money in the game without doing anything. Just use them to buy items, upgrade characters.


Swamp Attack 2 retains the gameplay features of this series while bringing in many new improvements. The game still brings madness in levels to make you always feel excited when faced with monster attacks. This is definitely a tower defense game that you cannot miss. Download the latest mod of Swamp Attack 2 via the link below.

Download Swamp Attack 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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