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  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
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  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 85M
  • Latest Version: 2.8.4
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  • Date Updated: April 10, 2019

Nowadays music games are constantly released, and it has created a super hot trend in the beginning of 2018. The prominent game producer among them is the publisher of Dalcomsoft Inc, which has created a number of interesting music games for Korean groups but is popular in many different countries. Games such as SuperStar SMTOWN, SuperStar BTS, …. released by the manufacturer have received huge downloads. And today ApkMod will introduce to you the game SuperStar JYPNATION.


SuperStar JYPNATION has been released not long ago and supports for two major mobile platforms, Android and iOS, for completely free. The game is as simple as the previously released music games. Still, the theme music inspired by popular Korean groups, whether SuperStar JYPNATION games can get the attention of players like the previous product or not? Let’s take a look at the reviews below, which will have a download link for your device.

SuperStar JYPNATION – The hottest music game of 2018

Familiar themes

This SuperStar JYPNATION game was inspired by the famous entertainment company, the top Korean record company with the name JYP Entertainment. It is not the theme of a BTS band such as SuperStar BTS. Recalling about JYP Entertainment, this entertainment company is one of Korea’s biggest companies today with many well-known celebrity artists and groups around the world. The game SuperStar JYPNATION will develop the game based on the image, the songs of all the artists, the group of JYP Entertainment. Here, the player will meet so many famous singers, popular groups from JYP such as J.Y. Park, Wonder Girls, Sunmi, 2AM, 2PM, miss A, GOT7, Baek A Yeon, 15 &, TWICE.


Interesting gameplay

About the gameplay, SuperStar JYPNATION is no different than the previous games, players will still collect cards to unlock the skills of famous singers. The tasks in the game will be done by beating the exact song through the buttons running on the screen. If you have played the previous games of Dalcomsoft Inc, you can experience SuperStar JYPNATION much more easily. Just feel free to experience it yourself to get the most out of it.


Main features:

  • The appearance of 10 artists from JYP Entertainment
  • The 48 best songs of the JYP Entertainment singers
  • Simple CardBook system allows you to check your card system easily
  • The gameplay is divided into three levels, easy, medium and hard to choose players according to their abilities
  • Collect various cards in the system of more than 660 different cards, a variety of special cards
  • Rank Weekly after the player completes the quest with 5 songs
  • Weekly ranking charts let players know their rank
  • Compete against other players around the world, claiming their place
  • Enhance your Stars Cards to Power Up and upgrade them for more points!

Download SuperStar JYPNATION  MOD APK

Although Dalcomsoft Inc’s music games are not so much different, they attract players very quickly because of the charisma of famous Korean artists. One thing for sure is that music games such as SuperStar JYPNATION will receive huge numbers of fans from the groups, singers in JYP in particular and Korean music in general. You can download the original SuperStar JYPNATION game or SuperStar JYPNATION Apk MOD via the link below for free.

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