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Super Touch – Super Sensitivity MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) 8.7

App NameSuper Touch – Super Sensitivity
Publisher Lucky Super Man
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoVIP Unlocked
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Super Touch – Super Sensitivity MOD VIP Unlocked will help your device achieve outstanding performance. Besides, it also supports adjusting the sensitivity of operations on smartphones. At the same time, save the battery usage for your mobile phone.

About Super Touch – Super Sensitivity

Super Touch – Super Sensitivity is a personalization app developed for Android devices. More specifically, this app will support users to adjust the sensitivity of smartphone operations such as touch, drag, zoom, and more. At the same time, it also optimizes and speeds up their response from them. If you are a person who often plays games on smartphones, this will be the app to help you optimize your experience. Let’s discover more about this app with APKmazon in the article below.

Optimize the experience on smartphones

The smartphone is one of the greatest inventions of humankind. We cannot list all the benefits it brings. In this 21st century, we live in a world where a device as small as one hand can connect everyone. Because of that, smartphones have gradually become indispensable devices for everyone.

As technology development is increasingly high, smartphones now possess many new uses such as updating news, playing games, watching movies, etc. But not any smartphone can meet users’ needs for a long time. Therefore, you will need Super Touch – Super Sensitivity MOD VIP to optimize your device.

Super Touch VIP APK can adjust sensitivity, save power consumption and optimize your smartphone. As a result, you will have a device with outstanding performance!

Infinite Regulation Sensitivity

Super Touch – Super Sensitive is an app that allows you to adjust the touch sensitivity on your smartphone. Moreover, you can modify it in detail through the parameters displayed on the screen. At the same time, the app will scan your smartphone and assess your usage needs to make suggestions on suitable parameters. In addition, the latest edit reports are also located on the main page of the app. That way, you can make the changes you want with ease.

Leaping Response Speed

Another feature of Super Touch APK is to increase the responsiveness of the smartphone. This feature works by optimizing the device’s hardware and resources. As a result, performance is significantly increased. One specific benefit of this feature is making apps smoother and more responsive. Overall, it will bring the optimal user experience.

Accelerate the sliding speed

Sliding speed ​​is a response to the sliding rate of the screen when you perform a swipe or drag on it. With Super Touch, you can speed up this element quickly.

Sliding Speed ​​Control will bring you a great experience surfing the web or social networking sites.

Faster continuous click speed

Super Touch – Super Sensitivity MOD will help smartphones increase the ability to respond to users quickly. I consider this to be a very necessary feature for many years old smartphones. After a long period of use, your device will tend to degrade in performance. As a result, it will create delays in the response between touches. The best solution, in this case, would be to use Super Touch MOD Free. The app will help you optimize the speed of receiving orders from users. Thanks to that, your smartphone will minimize the delay.

Faster game control speed

If you are a person who often plays games on smartphones, you will understand that the response and performance of the device are very important.

By optimizing smartphone performance, Super Sensitivity will help you load games faster. At the same time, it also limits the delay and lag while playing the game. With slide & click speed control, your smartphone will have the perfect gaming experience.

Super Touch – Super Sensitivity will work perfectly with Game Booster 4x Faster Pro.

Power saving mode

“How to save battery consumption for smartphones?”

Super Touch – Super Sensitivity MOD APK has a useful “Power Saving Optimization” feature. This feature will optimize the battery capacity of the smartphone. Unlike apps that support battery saving that use a way to cut down on device resources, Super Touch has a much more intelligent operating mechanism. More specifically, the app will optimize existing battery-saving methods on the device. As a result, it will bring high efficiency without affecting the smartphone’s performance.

Moreover, this is a fully automatic feature. You can activate it with just a few touches.

Check the visibility of the screen.

You may not know you can check your smartphone’s display defects or problems with the monochrome color.

When using Super Touch – Super Sensitivity for smartphone optimization, it will take a while for the app to work. During that time, the app will automatically display some solid colors in the background. At the same time, you can use them to check the error points on the smartphone screen. This problem can be detected when your monitor displays the wrong color gamut in some places compared to the whole screen.

MOD APK of Super Touch – Super Sensitivity

Super Touch – Super Sensitivity MOD APK VIP Unlocked is now available on APKmazon. Are you ready to experience it?

This is a free app on the Android platform, but its advanced features require a fee. Usually, you will have to buy codes to unlock them for $1.99/month. However, now you can download the MOD APK version of this app for free at our blog.

You will not need to root your device when using this app.

MOD Features:

  • Infinite adjustment of screen touch sensitivity, the optional total value
  • Professional Game Optimization
  • Improve the overall smoothness of equipment
  • Unlock all functions
  • There is no need to keep running in the background after optimization is completed
  • Remove all advertising

MOD Info:

  • VIP Unlocked
  • Free download on


Super Touch – Super Sensitivity will bring you the best experience on your smartphone. At the same time, get an optimal user experience with intelligent personalization features. Please click on the link below to download and install Super Touch – Super Sensitivity MOD VIP Unlocked APK for free!

Download Super Touch – Super Sensitivity MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) 8.7

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