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SUI File Explorer PRO MOD APK (Paid) 1.0.1

SUI File Explorer (File Explorer) is an all-in-one file management tool.

App NameSUI File Explorer PRO
Publisher Suifitime
Size4.11 MB
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About SUI File Explorer PRO

The file manager known as SUI File Explorer PRO is one of the most effective and trustworthy applications you can download from the Google Play Store. It is created to provide its customers with an experience that is easy to use, quick, and safe. This software is compatible with all Android devices, including smartphones, phablets, tablets, and even Android televisions, thanks to its wholly completed project and the Google material rules that it follows.

In this post, we will discuss the most critical aspects of SUI File Explorer PRO, such as its capabilities for managing files, its library file explorer, its secure file management, its root file management, its application and process managers, its network file management, its document editor, and its other outstanding features.

Full File Manager (File Explorer)

Cut, copy, remove, rename, compress, and extract are essential file management tools in the excellent SUI File Explorer PRO file manager, which is a super file manager. You can conduct an integrated search within the file system and inspect the file’s specifics. This app streamlines the process of managing files on Android devices by enabling the creation of new files and folders in a matter of seconds.

Smart Library File Explorer is a file manager for your library

The library file explorer of the application sorts and organizes all files, including those that were downloaded from the internet, those that were received over Bluetooth from devices in the immediate area, photographs, photos, photos taken with cameras, videos, movies, ppt files, files of various compression formats (zip, rar, etc.), and APK files. You can browse all the files and folders within multiple storage mediums, including EMMC, MMC cards, SD cards, internal storage, external storage, phone memory, USB storage, flash drive, pen drives, and USB OTG. The app is a file and folder explorer.

Secure Super File Manager

SUI File Explorer PRO guarantees complete confidentiality and provides additional safety precautions to protect your sensitive data. You may save your data from being viewed by unauthorized parties by securing your files with a password, which will keep your information private.

File Explorer serves as the Root File Manager

The app allows more experienced users to browse, edit, copy, paste, and remove files on the root partition of the phone’s storage for development. You can investigate system root folders such as data, cache, etc. Note, however, that your phone must have root access to use this feature.

Manager of Applications and Supervisor of Processes

The program’s application manager and process manager help free up memory on the phone by terminating running tasks, which also instantly speeds up the device. It makes it possible for you to remove any unused applications in a streamlined manner, thereby releasing critical storage space on your phone. The application manager provided by SUI File Explorer PRO enables you to save all of your preferred programs in memory and reinstall them whenever you require them.

Managed Networked Files

The app lets you transfer files from your phone to your PC using FTP Server. You only need to enter the IP address into the browser, and then all of the files stored on the phone will be accessible to you. You can also exchange files from your phone with the help of Bluetooth, direct wifi, and several programs designed for social networks. In addition, you can now browse FTP and FTPS connections.

Document Editor

You can effortlessly modify files everywhere you have access to SUI File Explorer PRO, including HTML, XHTML, TXT, and other forms of text files. This application is built on a rock-solid structure and provides a comprehensive selection of possibilities for personalization.

Other Outstanding Characteristics

This app was built from the ground up utilizing material design principles. It provides users with a fully configurable theme color for the application and a selection of other theme styles. You have full support for the dark theme, and you can select the color scheme that best suits you from among a wide variety of available material color schemes. This software is the first file manager for Android TV, supports accessibility for persons with impairments, and is the only file manager that displays folder sizes in app stores. It is also the only file manager showing app store folder sizes.


File management on Android smartphones can be complicated, but SUI File Explorer PRO is a straightforward, speedy, and effective file explorer that offers all essential functionality. SUI File Explorer PRO is a flexible tool that caters to the requirements of advanced users and regular users thanks to its super library file explorer, secure file management, root file management, application and process managers, network file management, and document editing.

Download SUI File Explorer PRO MOD APK (Paid) 1.0.1

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