Stop Calling Me – Call Blocker
Stop Calling Me – Call Blocker

Stop Calling Me - Call Blocker MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 7.8

An easy way to block unwanted calls using community database, blacklist & more.

App NameStop Calling Me - Call Blocker
Publisher MGLab.apps
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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About Stop Calling Me

Stop Calling Me is a cutting-edge mobile application that enables users to reject unsolicited calls using a community blocklist or database. Users of this program will no longer need to worry about squandering time or being roused from sleep by nuisance calls from advertisers, collectors, banks, and other types of spam. It is a flexible software that assists users in blocking many calls while maintaining their security and significantly improving their ability to automate particular tasks.

Interface Revolutionary, Including Integration Into Contacts

The app’s user interface is one of a kind and cutting edge because it may be used independently or combined with the Contacts function of the device or system. Users are provided with many versatile and seamless interaction options, allowing them to work with contacts or unusual calls from various sources in a short amount of time. The application’s user interface has many customization options, allowing users to alter their experience with exceptional themes and styles.

Automatically Blocking any Unknown Numbers Originating From Particular Sources

The program has various cutting-edge capabilities that can assist in automating particular procedures and opening up new operational possibilities for dealing with spam calls. On the user’s behalf, it can automatically detect incoming calls and analyze them using the data previously obtained from the internet. To prevent users from being bothered in the future, the program will quickly abbreviate or permanently ban it upon determining that the source was advertisements or spam calls.

Identification of Callers Utilizing Intelligent Caller ID With Full Details

Stop Calling Me combines the capability of automatically blocking incoming calls flexibly and intelligently and incorporates the feature of analyzing and identifying information about unknown numbers. Before the user accepts an incoming call, it can find out a variety of information about the caller, such as their genuine name, residence, employment, etc. It is always advantageous to have the capacity to estimate the actual terms of unknown numbers since it has a high degree of efficiency and enables users to know a few elements in advance rather than having to deal with unwanted calls.

Please put all of the Contacts into their respective Lists

Users of the software can arrange their contacts into various lists, making engaging with one another or conducting a search more straightforward. This involves categorizing communications high on a user’s priority list as either blocklist or allowlist, as well as mining or providing information valuable to contacts. The best part is that users will be able to add more prominent data for communications, including photos, addresses, and customized ringtones, for convenience in the future.

Keep a copy of all of your contacts in a few different places

Stop Calling Me allows users who often switch phones to back up their contacts more quickly to the cloud or the SIM storage on their new phone. The program will also immediately synchronize all of the data for users once it detects unique access at other devices and will simultaneously make many significant updates for users. To protect a great deal of information and maybe even more, concurrent backups will necessitate using a password in addition to any additional configurations that may be necessary.

Versatile Features

Users can access various customizable blocking options within the application, including community databases, schedules, blocklists, masks, and more. In addition, it enables the construction of several sets of settings and individual rules for SIM cards. The software allows for feedback submission, and its user interface is straightforward and user-friendly.

Anonymized Data to Expand the Community Database

The application will only send anonymous statistics to its servers so that the community database may be expanded. This ensures that the user’s personal information is never sold, traded, or otherwise exposed in any manner.


Stop Calling Me is the complete answer to the problem of preventing unsolicited phone calls. It is a multifunctional tool that enables users to connect with their contact list and determine the origin of incoming phone calls. The user can improve the program’s available performance to reach a state superior to the initial condition for the contact list. This improvement is dependent on the individualization of each user. It is a good option for anyone who wants to prevent nuisance calls due to the app’s user-friendly layout, automated blocking capabilities, intelligent caller ID detection, and the capability to categorize contacts into multiple lists.

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