Download Stickman Hook MOD Apk v3.6.0 by Madbox for Android

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  • Publisher: MADBOX
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 116M
  • Latest Version: 3.6.0
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: February 27, 2019

Role-playing games, with kills and deaths, require players to spend so much time playing and even create stress. That’s why it’s important to have some entertaining game titles that will keep you relaxing. And today, we will bring you one of them, a very addictive game called Stickman Hook.

Stickman Hook 1

Stickman Hook MOD Apk is a brand new entertaining game, developed and released by Madbox. This game was released in early November, supports for both Android and iOS for totally free, with a relatively compact size of 26MB. So you can experience with a smoother feeling even on low configuration devices, and it also takes up less memory of your device. Here, ApkMazon will introduce the gameplay along with the outstanding features of Stickman Hook and show you how to download Stickman Hook MOD Apk.

Stickman Hook – Madbox’s new addictive game

Simple yet addictive gameplay

Stickman Hook game is developed with a very simple gameplay that does not require so many skills and you can play it right from the first time. Your task will be to control a stickman to move through the obstacles with leaps and hooks. You just need to control your character moving to the right of the screen, crossing the target line, then the game will be completed. After that, you will move to the next level with increased difficulty.

Stickman Hook 2

Specifically, on the screen will appear grapnel for you to lean on and make a jump for the character. At the bottom will be the jump pads and the abyss, you have to skillfully control the character get on the pad and jump to the destination. If you let the character slip away from the pads, he will fall down and the game will end and you have to play this level again. In the air, there will be obstacles to block the path of the stickman, you need to skillfully dodge them to get to the destination.

Stickman Hook 3

The controls are also pretty simple, the character moves to the right of your screen. You need to adjust the time to touch the screen to hook your stickman with the grapnel and make logical leaps. It sounds simple, but with difficult gameplay, the grapnel is positioned in a difficult position, and you have to be at the right moment to create the hops and dance your way. Thus, as the game progresses, the difficulty of Stickman Hook game will grow faster to challenge your ingenuity.

Nice 2D graphics

As an entertaining game with very simple gameplay, Stickman Hook’s 2D graphics are able to attract players. The pictures in the game show quite sharp and impressive together with the diverse bright colors. Through each level, the game will change the color of the background so you will experience the game without getting bored. In general, Stickman Hook’s graphics are quite simple, no different from the other genres, so we will not judge it.

Stickman Hook 4

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Download Stickman Hook MOD Apk

Here we can see that the game is really fun and it will definitely be popular around the world. Currently, Stickman Hook MOD Apk is widely known as it is lying on the top of the Sport category on the App Store for iOS devices. With Stickman Hook, you can create the most entertaining moments with just a smartphone without an internet connection. Here are the links to download Stickman Hook game, you can choose the appropriate one for your phone.

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