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Stick War 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2024.3.646

App NameStick War 3
Publisher Max Games Studios
Require7.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Stick War 3 MOD APK is a stickman-themed strategy game for the mobile platform. Are you ready to build an army of stickmen to engage in real-time 1vs1 battles with other players around the world?

About Stick War 3

Stick War 3 takes players into fiery battles in real-time with other players around the world!

It’s hard to explain the allure of stickman games. Although a stickman is just a character with a simple and strange shape, there are millions of people who love it. On the Play Store, there are thousands of stickman-themed games that have been released. Even so, there are only a few names that stand out from the rest. Stick War 3 is one of them.

Stick War 3 is developed and published by Max Games Studios, the creators of Stick War: Legacy, another popular stickman game on mobile with over 100 million installs. It’s still in beta right now, so there’s some content in the game that isn’t available yet. Don’t worry because they will definitely be unlocked in the next update.

It can be said that Stick War 3 is an upgraded version of Stick War: Legacy when it brings many improvements in gameplay and game modes. Besides the campaign mode, you have the opportunity to compete with other players in real-time 1vs1 matches.

Basically, the core gameplay of Stick War 3 is not much different from Stick War: Legacy. It is a combination of card collecting, action, and strategy elements. The game does not have a very special plot or high-quality graphics, its appeal comes from the unique and addictive gameplay.

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The game builds a fantasy world called Inamorta. Here has taken place the battle of empires for more than 100 years to compete for the throne. In the end, the Order Empire led by King Zarek and his brother, Zilaros the Royal Hand was victorious by destroying all the enemies.

Under the brutal rule of the Order empire, wars continued to break out. No one knows the end of these wars as it continues to expand. Now not only humans but also mysterious creatures have joined the war. They are magicians, giants, demons. You will lead your stickman army into battles and win!


If you’ve played Stick War: Legacy before, the gameplay of Stick War 3 is quite familiar. You are the commander of an army of stickmen and strange creatures such as giants, wizards, witches, etc. Each battle takes place on a map divided into two areas. First, your army must mine from the mines on the map to collect gold and crystals. Then use these resources to summon units. Your troops will automatically move towards the enemy and attack them. Your main goal is to destroy enemy statues.

Besides troops, you can use spells to deal more damage to enemies. Note that all your activities in Stick War 3 require resources. So don’t forget to summon miners to increase coins and crystals. Battles with no time limit. It ends when one side’s statue is destroyed.

Stick War 3 mod apk features

Build your stickman Desk

Stick War 3 offers a collection of more than 40 different units, but you are only allowed to use up to 8 cards in battle. The game allows you to create Desks based on the strategy you want to build. Each Desk has 8 slots and you need to fill them with cards.

Currently, there are 4 different types of cards in Stick War 3, including:

  • Unit: Basic minion units, summoned to deal physical damage to enemies. include: Enslaved miner, Miner, Dead, Archidon, Spearton, Toxic Dead, Eclipsor, Shadowrath, Giant, Xiphos etc
  • Upgrades: Activate these cards to enhance effects on your team, such as increased resource extraction speed, increased damage for normal attacks, etc.
  • Enchantments: Apply an effect on the battlefield when an event occurs.
  • Spells: Attacks enemies with spells. Spells attacks always deal massive damage to multiple enemies at once.

Overall, you can try to build your own strategies by combining different cards. Always ensure the balance of the elements of your deck because they are the key to winning battles.

Build an impregnable base

Besides summoning troops and fighting enemies, there is an interesting activity on Stick War 3: Build a base depending on the state of your army. The base is where your army retreats when it is at a disadvantage in battle. It is also where you manage your units before sending them to the battlefield.

Play your way

Stick War 3 is a strategy game. So you can play it however you want, as long as you win the battle.

All decisions about using units and summoning spells are made by you. It is not required to mobilize your entire army to attack wildly on the enemy base. You can use a different, safer, and more effective tactic. You may not believe it, but sometimes defense is the best way to win the battle. You can arrange your troops in a defensive state, then when the opponent has used up all their resources, you can summon new units and destroy their base.

Stick War 3 gameplay

Customize your army

Let’s talk about units in Stick War 3. Currently, there are 6 classes including Miner, Swordwrath, Archidon, Spearton, Giant, and Magikill. Each unit plays a specific role in the battle. For example, miners do not have the ability to fight, but they play a very important role in the battle. They collect resources from the mines for you to summon other units. You are not required to use all of these unit cards in your deck.

Each unit has 3 custom Skins. Besides the default skin already available, you need to pay diamonds to unlock the other 2. Each unit is characterized by unique stats, including HP, Attack, Defense, and Cooldown Time.

Game Modes

Stick War 3 offers 3 different game modes, including Campaign, Multiplayer, and SinglePlayer. Currently, Campaigns game mode is not available. This content will be unlocked in an update in mid-2022. It’s easy to guess what you’ll do in this mode, though. Basically, Campaign consists of many levels with increasing difficulty. You have to conquer all the levels in turn.

Multiplayer is the most attractive game mode of the game. In this mode, you have a chance to fight with other random players. Win these real-time battles for valuable rewards. You can then upgrade your units. Real-time matches can be 1v1 or 2v2. In case you choose a 2v2 match, you create a lobby with a friend.

Finally the SinglePlayer mode, it’s for those who want to practice with BOT.


This is a unique function in Stick War 3. Access “Watch” to review the matches you have played. Besides, it also allows you to play video replays of other players. It is clearly a simple and effective way for you to review your battles and change your tactics to better suit.

MO APK of Stick War 3

MOD info

  • Free Summon
  • Unlimited money in battle


Stick War 3 is a stickman game that you should not miss. Besides the traditional game modes, the game allows you to participate in real-time battles with other players. Please download the mod of Stick War 3 via the link below. Be happy.

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