State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse

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Kingsgroup, the boss behind famous games like Z Day: Hearts of Heroes or Dino War: Rise of Beasts, has stirred up the gaming community with the State of Survival. The appeal and charisma of this zombie survival strategy game will make you addicted.


Survival games are a popular branch of the mobile video game industry. Most of today’s popular survival games like LDOE or LOST in Blue use traditional gameplay that is a combination of role-playing and action. The player for some reason becomes a survivor of a global disaster. With the resources available, they must find ways to survive by crafting weapons, finding food, building bases, and tons of other difficult tasks.

State of Survival does not follow this old path. Although taking a somewhat familiar post-apocalyptic background, its gameplay is completely different from similar products. It’s like a tower defense strategy game with a survival element. Instead of looking for ways to survive, the game gives you many different options to set up an army of gunmen, automatic machine guns, cannons… to fight off powerful attacks from zombies.

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About State of Survival

State of Survival (SOS) is a perfect combination of many game genres. Kingsgroup has added many new elements and unique game modes to help players enjoy the moment. It is an online game that combines many elements of survival and real combat. Moreover, the plot and characters in SOS are invested very carefully. Each character has a fascinating hidden story. Through the dialogue in the game, the story of zombies or the fall of the world will be revealed. You will have many opportunities to test and verify your ability to survive in this virtual world. If you are curious about what this game is interesting, the information below will enlighten you.

State of Survival is currently available for mobile platforms including Android and iOS. You can download it for free at app markets such as the Play Store and App Store, or play on a suitable Android emulator. Besides the global version, the developer also released a few independent versions for countries, including Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and India. In general, the core features on all versions are exactly the same. But you can find language changes and in-app purchases.

The plot of the game

The main story in the State of Survival is about a chaotic world where zombies are the master. The number of humans left is not much. They use the habitat to live and the leftover food to maintain their life. All existing rules seem to have been abandoned when resources are limited. Also, this is why the survivors destroy each other to preserve the remaining resources.

Playing as a former military officer who was stripped of his citizenship named Joe Nolan, you will begin your journey to survive in this terrifying world. After the game starts, by saving a woman, you officially join the area of survivors. With military skills, you quickly gain the people’s trust here. Your title will change to the chief of an outpost. Plus, your mission will also be larger from building a powerful settlement to protecting your group from attacks by invaders.

State of Survival gameplay


Conquest strategy dominates the gameplay of State of Survival. Most of your time will be spent investing in bases, gathering materials, building functional houses, upgrading and training troops, etc. In addition, in the online game mode, you can experience the gameplay in the form of real-time strategy. You can take advantage of the time in the game to perform multiple tasks at the same time. For example, equip your generals with upgrades while training to create soldiers to send out on expeditions across the map. Then send the best warriors on Explorer Trial quests to get rewards.

Besides, whether you fight with NPCs or real people, time still counts. Therefore, if you do not know how to arrange tactics and take advantage of time, your chances of winning are low. Moreover, during battle, do not forget to increase your force by locating heroes, helping, and inviting them to join your team. It is a valuable resource to help you strengthen your position and help you fight infected zombies.

Different game modes

The State of Survival offers players two exciting battle modes: single-player and online play. In single-player mode, you don’t need to think much because your main task is to focus on fighting NPCs. There are many missions arranged in this mode. Clearing the space to develop the base is a regular task. Complete these missions as quickly as possible for great rewards.

For the online game mode, you will experience the real battle for survival. No longer NPCs, gamers from all over are your opponents. You have to fight directly and try to win them over. They are not easy to defeat, so the best way to win is to improve your skills before the fight.

Character system with own skills

Similar to the multitasking zombie system, the character system in the game is also equipped with many things. Each character will have its shape and function. For example, Joe Nolan is ready to repel waves of zombies with his machine gun skills and powerful fire support, helping to repel waves of zombies. In contrast, Maddie & Frank is a unit of one man, one dog. Female warrior Maddie is very good at using crossbows and can throw pipe bombs at zombies. Her dog is loyal and fights ferociously with sharp teeth.

Not only stopping at these two characters, but the State of Survival also provides you with dozens of hero characters with unique powers. With each completed mission or increased to new levels, you can unlock more heroes. They will be your teammates and support you to fight zombies.

State of Survival features

Communicating with allies

Many people are better than one person. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to increase strength in numbers. Allies are friends who can help you get stronger quickly. They may possess many heroes with abilities that can assist you in victory. Be proactive in creating allies and building partnerships with them. You can find many survival strategies that are suitable and applicable to your base. Once an ally is formed, you can trade and suggest troop arrangements in battle.

MOD APK of State of Survival

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State of Survival is a combination of conquest and RTS genres. This game truly stands out in zombie-themed games. Thus, it will bring you many curious things to explore. Download this game now and experience the feeling of survival and leadership in this chaotic world.

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