Download Stardew Valley APK + Data v1.284 Free for Android

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  • Publisher: Chucklefish Limited
  • Platforms: Android+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 207M
  • Latest Version: 1.284
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: May 3, 2019

Stardew Valley released for Android

You probably know about Stardew Valley, a role-playing game in a simulated form that is loved by many players around the world. The game was released on iOS for $ 7.99, developed by ConcernedApe. Stardew Valley was originally released for Microsoft Windows and launched in February 2016, with versions for OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One version released later that year. Another version for Nintendo Switch was released in October 2017. Since its release on iOS, developers have been constantly working to bring more updates to the game, including a lot of fixes and dozens of new features.

Stardew Valley mobile 1

With the big success on these platforms, the developer has decided to release another version for Android, and Stardew Valley Android will cost $ 7.99 (like iOS). Stardew Valley currently supports some languages such as English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Korean and Turkish. Although it is not known exactly when Stardew Valley Android version will be released, players can still pre-register on Google Play Store.

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Stardew Valley’s fascinating gameplay

Joining Stardew Valley, the player takes on the role of a character who wants to escape the hustle of office work, to return to the ruined farm of his grandfather, at a place called Stardew Valley. Players will manage the time and level of productivity of the character when they garden, plant trees and crops, raise cattle, crafts, mine ore and participate in social activities, including the relationships that lead to marriage are all for the purpose of making money to expand the farm. The game has an open ending, which allows players to perform any activity when they feel available.

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Here are the points to keep in mind when you want to play Stardew Valley, which is the best experience for you:

  • Watch TV every morning: Do not rush to your farm work, watch TV every morning to know the weather for that day, watch Livin ‘Off The Land divination program and show guide for new players
  • Earthworms are good friends: You will see long things sticking out of the ground, it’s worms and you can exploit valuable items from that square.
  • Good kids are to go to sleep: You must not stay more than 2 hours, otherwise, you will not be able to maintain health and be deducted an expensive sum if you let the character faint.
  • Fix the bridge at the beach as soon as possible: Quickly build this bridge if you want to harvest precious items
  • Bring food into the mine: Miners work very hard so you need to prepare food for them to heal, they can achieve the best working capacity.
  • Plan Community Bundles: this will help you to exchange items appropriately
  • Crab Pot is an important item
  • Upgrade your watering pot carefully: All farming tools need 2 days to complete the upgrade
  • Note when building chicken/cow pens: You need to calculate to build chicken or cow cages because they depend on the weight of the cows, chickens and the amount of food needed.
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Stardew Valley is ready to download

Stardew Valley game has a great attraction¬†thanks to the interesting and varied gameplay, while the game’s graphics background will still be classic Pixel. With modern imaging technology today, any manufacturer can build a good quality 3D graphics platform, but Stardew Valley mobile version is still developed with classic graphics to bring the familiar experience which is similar to the original version on the PC. And below is the Stardew Valley game download link for you to choose.

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