Star Walk 2 – Night Sky View and Stargazing Guide

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There are thousands of stars in the sky but do you know how to identify them. Star Walk 2 will be the astronomy app you need for today’s starry night.

About Star Walk 2 – Night Sky View and Stargazing Guide

Astronomy has always been a subject of great interest. Do you know how the shapes and positions of the stars are determined? Star Walk 2 is an interesting application that makes it easier for you to observe the stars. This is a free app for all-star enthusiasts. This tool uses sensors in real-time to monitor the presence of stars. With the collected images, you will recognize the shapes of the constellations easily.

Besides, astrological events are also constantly updated to help you accurately observe their position in the sky. It doesn’t just give you generic images of these stars. Instead, you can see in detail each star and planet around us. There should be no difficulty in determining their position in the sky. The more you study through this astrological tool, the more you will become interested in astronomy and observing the stars.

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Observe the starry sky with a navigation compass

Normally, it is difficult for us to locate the stars in the sky. Especially, on cloudy days, observing and finding the location becomes even more difficult. However, for Star Walk 2, locating stars is no longer so complicated. The Augmented Reality function allows the display of the sky along with the location compass. With these two features, you can determine the direction to locate stars and planets.

Moreover, depending on your location and real-time, just point the device to the sky to be able to determine immediately. If you want to navigate, let swipe in any direction. It will automatically rotate the view on the screen. If you want to zoom in/out of the screen, you need to stretch it out. Pictures of stars will be connected so you can find the star you want.

Incredibly beautiful 3D model of nebulae

Star Walk 2 will be an extremely effective tool for those who love to study astronomy. Knowledge is expressed in the form of 3D models of planets, constellations, comets and asteroids, dwarf planets, artificial satellites, etc. It also shows the formation of the above objects. this sky for you to have more knowledge. In addition, the latest astronomical events will also be updated for you to follow.

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View details a star’s past and present changes

Have you ever wondered how the stars of the past were different from the present ones? If so, the Time Machine feature will help you find the answer. On the home screen, you need to tap the watch face icon in the upper right corner. Then choose any date and time you want. Not only does it allow you to choose the closest timestamps, but you are allowed to move forward or backward in time. After setting the time, the night sky map of stars and planets will show up in fast motion. This way you can find the star positions of different periods. Indeed, there is no need to search for ancient astronomical documents.  Just a few simple steps on Star Walk 2, you can see details of changes in a star in the past and present.

A quick search for stars or planets

By opening the camera on the screen and facing the sky, this tool quickly helps you identify the stars that are present. This search function quickly results in the presence of stars. In addition, it is also an image of planets, constellations, and satellites. These objects will appear on the chart and overlap with objects directly in the sky. You can find many beautiful things in the sky that you would not have thought of. Especially satellites or meteor. These objects have only been discovered under the analysis of this astronomical tool. To see the sky better, don’t forget to activate the night mode. You wouldn’t expect the stars to be so close together. Night mode also makes the picture magical so you can see the night sky as magical.

Observe the shape of the moon

Not only allows you to search the location and observe the star shape, Star Walk 2 also displays the moon shape by day. If you love watching the moon more than the stars, this feature is very useful for you. Every day, it will announce and display the full or waning moon status for each day. This shape is depicted in 3D for easy viewing. You don’t need to waste time finding the moon’s position and determining its true shape. Just find the moon observation section and you can know right away.

Pro version of Star Walk 2

Since it is a free application, you will inevitably be bothered by ads. To avoid this situation, you can upgrade to the Pro version. This version will block ads and unlock entire planets for you to dig deeper. Plus, it also helps you to more accurately determine the actual positions and shapes of stars and planets. Advanced features in star and moon observation are also added for your full experience.


With the help of Star Walk 2, you do not need to equip a star observation device to still be able to perceive their presence. Download this app now for a magical night of stargazing.

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