Download Spiral Storm APK + Data by Tencent and NextStudio for Android

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Spiral Storm 1


  • Publisher: Tencent
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 52MB (APK), 143MB (OBB)
  • Latest Version: 1.1
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: December 19, 2018

If you are a tactical card game enthusiast but have been bored with card games where two opponents are just sitting and throwing their cards at the table, just come to our Spiral Storm game. It will bring you a completely new experience. Spiral Storm is the latest game of the world’s leading game company – Tencent from China. Exactly, Spiral Storm was developed by NextStudio and transferred to Tencent. Currently, the new Spiral Storm game is under testing in a certain number of countries, including China. But you can still play the game through our APK file below.

Spiral Storm 2

Spiral Storm – Tencent’s new card game

The Spiral Storm does not have a clear storyline, but when it comes to gaming, the player is only introduced with the words from Lion King Simba who has overcome the most dangerous obstacles to find the Sunstone. And this artifact brought new strength to him in his quest to conquer the kingdom. The gameplay in Spiral Storm will be a combination of card and MOBA elements, and also the fighting game’s main elements. Players will be brought to a closed arena and fight with other players with special skills. Before the game starts, the player must prepare his cards, choose the proper tactics and start the game.

Spiral Storm 1

Like other games of the same genre, the Spiral Storm game will have a blood bar and energy bar. The unique feature of Spiral Storm is that in-game battles will take place in real-time, not in turn, and your protagonist can move freely to dodge and attack the enemy. This means that the player can directly control the character in the game, not automatically as in other card games. Thanks to this mechanism, the gameplay in the Spiral Storm will be much more flexible. From there, players can create more playing styles rather than sit back and wait for the battle ending as in the classic card games.

Spiral Storm 3

In addition to the ability to control the character moves smartly, players can control their character to avoid the opponent’s attack and thereby win more easily, not one who has strong will win. This demonstrates a clear MOBA style and opens up a new arena of resistance that lets you experiment with different types of play.

In terms of graphics, the game Spiral Storm is developed by NextStudio with extremely sharp 3D graphics. However, it will not be as realistic or virtual as other card games that have a rather simple cartoon style, even look very humorous. The character system is not too fancy, it looks very fun. Overall, Spiral Storm games have sharp image quality that’s quite eye catching.

Spiral Storm 4

Download Spiral Storm APK

With its attractive card gameplay, combining the features of the fighting game, Spiral Storm APK has created an extremely exciting gameplay. As for graphics, the game is not so prominent. But surely Spiral Storm will be a Tencent upcoming success game that you should not miss. Finally, you can download the Spiral Storm game through our APK version below. Maybe the official Spiral Storm version will soon be released and we will update for your immediately.

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