Download Spinny Gun MOD Apk v1.9.3 (Ketchapp) for Android, iOS

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Spinny Gun 1


  • Publisher: Ketchapp
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS 8.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 171M
  • Latest Version: 1.9.3
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: October 27, 2018

Just yesterday, we have introduced you to an addictive entertainment game from the developer Voodoo – Fire Balls 3D. This game currently ranks # 1 in the Action category on Google Play. And today we will bring you a new addictive entertainment game from Ketchapp – another worldwide famous developer.

Spinny Gun 1

Spinny Gun, which was released last October, supports Android and iOS. Not surprisingly, Spinny Gun has been developed by Ketchapp with extremely simple gameplay. There are not so many game modes but it’s still very addictive for the player. To get to know more about the gameplay along with the interesting features of Spinny Gun as well as how to download the game, please refer to the article in our below.

Spinny Gun – Ketchapp’s new entertainment shooting game

Simple gameplay

About the gameplay, Spinny Gun MOD Apk is developed in a simple target shooting style that anyone can play. Your task in this game is simply to use the guns to shoot the yellow targets. Specifically, there will be a square covering the gun and the targets are the yellow obstacles which will move around that square. The gun is placed at the center of the constantly spinning square. You will have to adjust the rational time to exactly hit the target. Each level has different targets and you need to break them as fast as you can.

Spinny Gun 2

The hardest part of the game is the amount of ammunition that you have to fire at those targets. If you run out of ammunition without breaking the target, then the game will end and you will have to play back the game. On the other hand, if you break the whole target, the game is complete and you will continue to challenge the next level.

The difficulty of the game will increase as the number of targets you need to shoot will constantly increase. They will even move faster and the gun also spins faster so you can hardly hit the target. Because difficulty will increase, the number of ammunition must also increase and you have to change the gun to shoot more accurately.

Spinny Gun 3

Upgrade the gun

Each time you complete a level, you will receive bonus points corresponding to the number of goals you reach. That score will accumulate so you can buy new guns. As the gameplay gets harder, you’ll need to unlock new, more accurate guns to get through those levels. Currently, Spinny Gun MOD Apk has more than 50 different types of rifles, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

What’s about the graphics?

As we have mentioned many times that Voodoo and Ketchapp often have simple addictive gameplay so the graphics do not need to be invested too carefully. So their games are all in 2D but still very sharp and harmonious. The highlight is that they always know how to combine the bright colors together to make the game image more prominent and attract more players. In Spinny Gun, the game will still have 2D graphics in the modern style so the image quality is balanced and consistent with the gameplay.

Spinny Gun 4

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Player’s Ratings:

“I love this game, I’ve spent quite a lot of time and still can not get through all of its levels.”

“It’s annoying to see the pop-up ad when I play this Spinny Gun game, someone please show me how to remove those ads without buying a developer’s VIP package. “

“Even though it’s a simple game, its design is very beautiful, it’s very engaging, so just try it, you’ll probably get addicted to Spinny Gun.”

Download Spinny Gun MOD Apk

Overall, Spinny Gun Mod Apk still owns a simple game but very fun, and the graphics are not that different from the previous games of Ketchapp. This game is being loved by so many people all over the world, and what about you? Download the game from the link below to experience it.

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