Spill It! MOD Apk v1.6 for Android- Tastypill's fascinating puzzle game

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  • Publisher: tastypill
  • Platforms: Android 5.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 27M
  • Latest Version: 1.6
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: February 26, 2019

Nowadays, the simple puzzle games with many different levels are enjoyed by many players as it is both entertaining and challenging the player’s intelligence. Today, we will introduce you to a very interesting puzzle game, maybe even addictive for you, it’s called Spill It!

Spill It tastypill 1

Spill It! Released in early October by tastypill, supports for two mobile platforms Android, iOS for completely free. Especially, this game has an extremely compact size, only 35MB so it will fit most smartphone devices today. Not only that, this game has many other attractions. To know more about it, you can refer to the below review of us. The last part of the article will be the link Spill It! MOD Apk for you.

Spill It! – Tastypill’s fascinating puzzle game

Spill It! was developed to give players the great entertainment time without requiring players to spend money or too much time playing. Spill It! has no specific storyline and the gameplay is extremely simple. There’s only a single player mode but still enough to be very addictive to the player. Your only mission in Spill It! is to make the ball fall down to pour the glasses of water.

Spill It tastypill 2

The gameplay is very simple

Specifically, the glasses of water will be arranged on the screen (without any certain rule) with the ball and obstacles. You will find a way to make the ball physically moving and to spill all the glass that appears on the screen. You have to pour the entire glass of water, if not, you will have to play this round again. However, the obstacles will be placed in different positions, you need to find ways to make the ball move and spill the glass of water. You will have a certain number of balls to perform that task. The less ball you use to complete the task, the more you will be rated in that game.

Spill It tastypill 3

When you finish pouring those glasses, the game round will be completed and you will be able to step into more difficult levels. Each level will be evaluated by the number of stars (lowest 1 star and maximum 3 stars). The more stars you get, the more bonuses you will receive. It may sound simple, but it’s not that easy to pass the difficult levels with good performance. How to play the game Spill It! is quite simple, you just touch the ball on the screen and move it to any position to create the power to spill the glass.

Spill It! currently has over 100 levels with different levels of difficulty for you to experience. Your goal is not just to get through all the levels, but to get 3 stars at every level. The game Spill It! will continue to be updated with new levels and new eye-catching interface to attract more players.

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Simple graphics

Only with 2D graphics but Spill It!  gives the player a crisp and eye-catching image thanks to a variety of color schemes. Through each stage, the background images in the game will change in color and background. This will help you experience each level of the game without getting bored. Overall, the game Spill It! is so prominent in term of graphics, but it’s more than enough for a simple entertainment game.

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Download Spill It! MOD Apk

With Spill It!, you can enjoy the game with fun puzzles and also train your creativity and thinking through difficult challenges in the game. Overall, Spill It! is a great puzzle game that you should not miss. Below, you’ll find a link to Google Play, AppStore to download the original game, and an extra Spill It! MOD Apk version if you need it. Spill It! MOD Apk will have an available unlimited number of coin.

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