Spider-Man Open World MOD APK (NO) 1.15.b2

App NameSpider-Man Open World
Publisher YperStudio
Require6.0 and up

Spider-Man Open World is a mobile game for Android inspired by Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. It was created by the fans of this game.

Introducing Spider-Man Open World

Spider-Man is the most popular superhero in the Marvel universe. There are millions of fans of this character around the world. From the original comic book, we have many franchises of this game such as toys, movies, and video games. There were many Spiderman games released but did not receive success until Sony decided to make a new series of video games on PS4, Marvel’s Spider-Man. Immediately, it received positive reviews from players when it sold millions of copies.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man game on the Play Station. However, there is no confirmation that Sony will bring it to other platforms. On Android, the last time a Spider-Man game was released was in 2010.

It seems we accept that in the future there will be no chance for another great official game for fans of this superhero on mobile platforms.

So why don’t the indie developers make a cropped version inspired by the original game itself? YperStudio and some enthusiasts have created a fan-made Spider-Man game for Android called Spider-Man Open World.

This game is directly inspired by the PS4 version of the game with graphic style, costumes, and control mechanics are similar.


This is just a fan-made game & there is no way connected to marvel, sony & insomniac games spider-man (title), characters, sounds & the game’s original design were created & owned by marvel, sony & insomniac games a fan-game by r-user games & Yperstudios.

Spider-Man Open World mod apk download


Spider-Man Open World is a fan-made game. So we don’t expect too much from its gameplay. In fact, you don’t find familiar gameplay elements in the original Spider-Man games on consoles.

The playing experience is quite boring if you really love open-world games. You control the main character is Spider-Man, the peacekeeper of New York City. The starting and only mission in the game are to chase a criminal vehicle. After catching it, you are free to explore the city.

What excites me in the game is spiderman’s skills. He can move flexibly thanks to the good control mechanism in the game. You use the area on the left side of the screen to navigate the character, while on the opposite side are the action buttons including jumping, spider webs, acrobatics, and combat. Pay attention to some of the highlights on the buildings, they are the points that allow you to shoot webs and launch.

On some planes, characters can perform specific actions. For example, when you jump on any wall, spiderman can cling to it to move. Or when the character jumps to the ground from above, he will do somersaults as soon as he lands.

The developer confirmed that they will add new content to the game in updated versions.

Suits for Spider-Man

The good news is that you can see all of the Spider-Man costumes in the original version. Available Spider-Man suits include Traditional Red and Blue, Symbiote, Bombastic Bag-Man, Black Cloth, Secret War, Iron Spider Armor, Stealth Suit, etc. All unlocked so you can try them for free.

Each Suit has different stats that affect the character’s strength and skills. But currently, they are meaningless in this game.


Spider-Man Open World has quite impressive graphics when it well simulates the Spider-Man model and his animations. The city in the game is designed to be large with many details. It’s pretty monotonous, though. New York is a modern city with skyscrapers. But in this game, it is like a dead city because there is no existence of any living things. You will not see people, vehicles, or any other creatures in this game.


Spider-Man Open World is a fan-made game so there are many elements in the game that are not really well done. But it still gives you some experience similar to the original game on PS4. The developer also said that they will continue to update more content in the game. If you are a fan of Spider-Man, you should not miss this game. Download via the link below.

Download Spider-Man Open World MOD APK (NO) 1.15.b2

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