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Spider Hero 2 MOD APK (NO) 2.29.0

App NameSpider Hero 2
Require6.0 and up

Spider Hero 2 is a game that records the journey of fighting with evil gangs to protect Spider Man’s justice. Can you help him preserve the peace of the city?

About Spider Hero 2

Spider Hero 2 is also known as Spider Fighter 3D. This is an exciting action fighting game on smartphones. The game will transform you into Spider-Man to fight the bad guys and protect justice. Spider Hero 2 is inspired by the original game Spiderman morales, a title exclusive to the Play Station. Although its graphics are awe-inspiring, the gameplay differs entirely from the original title. It is not an open-world game with a rich mission system; the gameplay is linear as you control your hero to fight the bad guys in the city according to the available scenarios.

Let’s discover more about this game with APKmazon in this article.

Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

Spider-Man is a superhero symbol associated with our childhood. Indeed anyone wishes to possess superhuman strength, super-speed reflexes, and the ability to climb walls or launch webs. It happened the same to me. Of all the superheroes I know, Spiderman is the one I love and respect the most.

But the best part is that now I can play my favorite superhero in a smartphone game. And that’s Spider Hero 2 – a game about friendly neighborhood Spiderman and his journey to fight evil.


Spider Hero 2 MOD APK is an interesting fighting action game on smartphones. In this game, you will play Spider-Man, a famous superhero that is probably too familiar to everyone.

Your mission is to defeat the bad guys and criminal gangs roiling the city. You can use the analog on the left side of the screen to move the character. In addition, the attack and dodge keys are displayed on the right side. Moreover, you will have special keys to use your character’s skills, such as silk shooting, aerobatics, or attack combos.

Protect the peace of the city

In the Marvel movies, Spider-Man lives in the Queens area, full of criminals and villains with evil intentions. Therefore, this superhero guy is always busy fighting the bad guys.

In the game Spider Fighter 3D APK too. You will join Spiderman to destroy the enemy and protect the city’s peace. Be brave to fight and defeat the bad guys because that is a hero’s duty.

In addition, some enemies can be equipped with weapons. Therefore, they are pretty dangerous. But with “Tingle Scene,” Spider-Man can dodge their attacks. However, it would be best if you also prioritized defeating enemies with weapons first because they are quite annoying.

Make attacking combos

Spider Hero 2 is a martial arts fighting game. Therefore, besides attacking, you also have to dodge enemy attacks. If you combine the above operations smoothly, you can form a beautiful attack combo with severe damage. More specifically, this combo will be calculated based on the number of hits that hit the target and your ability to dodge. It will be indicated by the numbers on the left side of the smartphone screen. The more beautiful combos you can make, the more chances you will get after the game.

Avengers help

Spider-Man is a member of the superhero team Avengers. Because of that, he can summon the help of his comrades. More specifically, in some particular games, you can have the support of Hulk or Iron Man. They will fight with you to defeat the enemy.

Unlock new characters

Besides Spider-Man, you can also unlock other characters like Iron Man or Hulk. What’s more, you can own them entirely for free!

After matches, you’ll see these characters’ icons appear on the game progress. Once you reach that milestone, you can unlock these characters at no cost. Besides, you can also try to experience the characters in advance by watching promotional videos.

To change heroes to battle, you will need to access the “Hero” section from the app’s main page.

Upgrade characters

To increase the fighting ability of the characters, you will need to upgrade them. More specifically, you can unlock skills and special moves. Each character will have different attributes and powers. Therefore, they will bring you exciting experiences.

In addition, you can also upgrade existing special moves to increase their effectiveness.

Destroy the criminal gangs

There are hundreds of different criminal gangs operating in the city. Of course, you will have to destroy all of them. Each gang will have a leader. Usually, these names will be much stronger. More specifically, they have special skills and serious damage and health. To ultimately defeat a gang, you will have to destroy that leader.

MOD APK of Spider Hero 2

Spider Hero 2 MOD APK Unlimited Money allows you to enjoy shopping and unlocking the characters’ skills. At the same time, it also allows you to experience their maximum power by upgrading their special moves.

MOD Info:

  • Unlimited Money: You have unlimited money in the game to buy new items and upgrade weapons.
  • No ads: All ads have been removed. You have the best gaming experience.


If you are a fan of Spider-Man or the Marvel cinematic universe, don’t miss the game Spider Hero 2. This game allows you to role-play the superheroes fighting bad guys. Besides that, defeat the criminal gangs and protect the city’s peace. Please click the link below to download and install Spider Hero 2 MOD APK Unlimited Money for free.

In addition, you may want to experience another Spider-Man game at our blog: Spider-Man Open World (Fan-Made).

Download Spider Hero 2 MOD APK (NO) 2.29.0

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