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Speed, quickness, and unlimited access are all that users want when surfing the Internet. However, not all countries extend this access, which is why VPN applications, including speed booster Proxy, were developed.

About speed booster Proxy

Each time users want to improve the speed and performance of online games, they often look for and use Proxy applications. Many VPN and Proxy applications are developed, but not all support users well. If you are looking for a tool to improve device performance and speed up the Internet, a speed booster Proxy is a good choice.

It is a free application that gives you free access to all internet content without geo-restriction or blocking. This tool helps increase download speed, limit lag and speed up your device. It minimizes restrictions and limitations in access so you can enjoy all the content and play all the games you like in different countries. Besides, it works similar to a VPN app, helping maximize your network speed and access. Also, it protects your identity and limits hacking.

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Connect to many servers with high security

If you are worried that your network operator will collect your personal information or that you will be hacked when accessing websites, use the virtual private network that speed booster Proxy provides. It offers many servers located in different countries for you to connect to. Some popular servers are the USA, Miami, Germany, New York, etc. Each server will have different parameters and connection status.

Plus, it has two server levels, Free and VIP. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate server. VIP servers provide advanced features and are more secure than the regular version. Before choosing any server, you should consider the parameters of access and network speed to choose the best one. For servers working well, it will show up in blue and decrease in levels from yellow to red. While using, you can also switch between servers easily.

Improve gaming performance

Not all user devices meet the standards of some game series. Some game series require the device to have a solid configuration to work well. Speed booster Proxy helps speed up the device as it works as an actual speed booster. Your favorite game character’s gaming performance and activities will become smoother. You will never experience lag or game out while playing.

Also, the network speed is increased so that your in-game activities are continuous. You will have a great playing experience with maximum performance. If you play action or shooting games, game lag will be minimized so that your in-game activities become accurate and fast. It makes your attacks quick and accurate, increasing your chances of knocking down opponents and winning. It is what all gamers want when playing any game.

speed booster Proxy features

Get detailed network reports.

It helps you connect to many IPs in different countries and is also a speed booster. Proxy also provides detailed reports on network parameters. You will get information including speed, pins, latency, network connection status, and many other parameters. Some parameters it will show for you to check include latency, packet loss, DNS leak test, bypassing firewall, etc. These parameters will vary depending on the server you choose. The more advanced the server is, the better the internet experience and security when you use it will be. This is what makes this tool stand out from other proxy apps. You can quickly check the internet speed of the connected servers for easier switching.

One-click to connect Proxy quickly

You can quickly connect to the Proxy that the speed booster Proxy provides in one click. After selecting the server you want to connect to, click connect, and the system will automatically connect to the Proxy. With this connection, you can quickly search for the information you want and get quick results. The remarkable thing is that it has maximum security, keeping your access safe. Your activity will be anonymous, and no one will be able to restrict your access. You can safely send and receive everything that matters to you. It also shows how long you have connected to a server. If you don’t want to use that server, you can change and reconnect from the beginning.

Simple and easy-to-use interface with no ads

speed booster Proxy provides a speed booster and secure connection and doesn’t make it difficult for you to use. It is designed with a simple interface and single color. With a black background and functions highlighted in neon green, you can pick it up and use it immediately. It’s not difficult, and it doesn’t take long to learn how to use it. Besides, it doesn’t let third-party ads disrupt your experience. You can use this tool easily and comfortably without constantly turning off the ads. It maximizes your experience and continuity of use.


speed booster Proxy is a great application that increases the speed and performance of your device and the security of your internet activities. Install this tool to break all limits in internet access and enjoy gaming at peak performance.

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