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Speechnotes - Speech To Text N MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 4.0.4

Non-stop speech-recognition notepad. Efficiently capture your memos & thoughts.

App NameSpeechnotes - Speech To Text N
Publisher WellSource - Empowering You
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Speechnotes is a speech-enabled notepad developed for people who want to type quickly and easily, including thinkers, bloggers, writers, truckers, runners, and busy people with a lot on their plates. It is an application that has been tried and proven over many years and is relied on by millions. Speechnotes, in contrast to other voice-typing apps, does not stop listening when you take a break to breathe or think, which enables you to write more quickly and with less effort.


Speechnotes is a strong speech-enabled notepad developed to enhance your thoughts and creativity. Some of the features that make it so powerful are as follows:

  • Accurate and Fast: Speechnotes is the most accurate and fast voice-typing app available. It incorporates Google’s speech recognition service to create precise and formatted text notes of your words quickly and gently. Moreover, it reduces typos and spelling errors to make the most straightforward and complete text possible.
  • Offline Support: Because the app may be utilized with no internet connection, it is a fantastic tool for people who need to jot down their thoughts and record them while traveling. However, it performs its functions more effectively when linked to the internet.
  • Timestamps: Speechnotes allow you to utilize rapid timestamps to stamp the current day and time with only one tap. This makes it simple to keep track of your notes.
  • Backing up to Google Drive: If you use this app, you can ensure you will never lose a note by backing up all your messages to Google Drive. This will allow you to access your notes anytime and from any location.
  • Edit Text While Still in Dictation Mode: This feature enables you to alter text while still in dictation mode, making it simple to make adjustments to tick marks and emoticons and jot down all of the information you need to compose comfortably.
  • Corrects Basic Spelling Errors and Decreases Misspellings: Because Speechnotes corrects basic spelling errors and decreases misspellings, your writing process will be easier and more accurate.
  • Share, Export, and Print Capabilities with One Tap: You can share, export, and print your notes with just one tap, making it simple to communicate your thoughts to other people.
  • Automatic Capitalization and Spacing: The auto-capitalization feature in this app capitalizes the first letter of each sentence and correctly spaces the distance between words and lines, making your notes appear professionally formatted.
  • Voice-Typing Simultaneously: Speechnotes enable simultaneous voice-typing for words in addition to a keyboard for punctuation, symbols, and emojis, which makes it simple to jot down short or lengthy texts in a short amount of time.
  • Emojis for Fun: If you want to write the funniest and most entertaining texts possible, the app provides emojis for fun that you may use.
  • One-Click Transcription Widget: You may use the widget to transcribe your thoughts with just one click, making it simple to jot down your ideas even while the app is closed.
  • Recognizes Many Verbal Commands: Speechnotes can recognize many spoken commands, including punctuation, new lines, and other topics.
  • 10 Editable Cheat Keys: The cheat keys feature allows you to insert whatever text you want with only one press and allows you to edit any text you insert. It works well for standard texts, phrases, addresses, emails, greetings, complex professional terms, and other text types used regularly.


Your data is only delivered to Google’s voice recognition service via the speech recognizer already built into your Android device since Speechnotes places high importance on protecting your privacy. You cannot sue the developers for anything, so use the program at your own risk because it is provided in its current state and licensed for usage rather than sold.


The app is compatible with voice commands in a wide variety of languages. These voice commands include the period, comma, question mark, colon, semicolon, exclamation mark, exclamation point, new line, new paragraph, open parentheses, close parentheses, a hyphen, smiley, smiley face, sad face, dash, available quotation, immediate quotation, and quotation.


Speechnotes is a useful application that bloggers, authors, and intellectuals should not overlook. It makes writing your documents easier to access and saves you more time than ever imagined. You won’t have to fight against the text anymore now that you have Speechnotes. Alternatively, you can use your voice to write the words you require the most, regardless of how long it is.

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