Special Ops: Online FPS PVP
Special Ops: Online FPS PVP

Special Ops: Online FPS PVP MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Dump Enemy) 3.39

Fight critical battles & strike enemies in this modern online FPS arena shooter

App NameSpecial Ops: Online FPS PVP
Publisher Hazmob
MOD InfoUnlimited Money/Dump Enemy
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About this MOD

Unlimited Money/Dump Enemy

Special Ops: FPS PVP Online is a first-person shooter action game. It’s kind of like a remake of the same-named game that was on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, among other platforms. Currently, it is available on the mobile platform. The game is developed by Hazmob. Special Ops gives players an intense, fast-paced, and tactical multiplayer experience that combines elements of military strategy with intense firefights. In this article, we provide you with the MOD APK file of the game with the exclusive feature of unlimited money. Join us to find out now!


Special Ops is a multiplayer game that can be played solo or with up to three other players. The game features a variety of game modes, each with its unique objectives and challenges. The most popular mode is the “Operations” mode, where players must work together to complete objectives and eliminate enemy forces. In this mode, players have access to a variety of weapons, gadgets, and equipment that they can use to their advantage. Besides, the game also features a “Survival” mode, where players must defend a location against waves of enemy forces. Players must work together to strategically place fortifications and weapons and must coordinate their attacks to survive as long as possible.

Key Features

Tactical Team Battle

The game is designed for players to work together to complete objectives and overcome challenges. The game requires players to communicate, coordinate, and work together in order to succeed.

Wide Range of Weapons and Gadgets

Special Ops features a wide range of weapons, gadgets, and equipment that players can use to their advantage. Players can choose from a variety of rifles, shotguns, pistols, and special weapons like grenades, mines, and more.

Immersive Environments

Special Ops features a variety of environments, each with its own unique features and challenges. Players must adapt to the environment and use it to their advantage, whether they are in a city or a jungle.

Realistic Graphics and Sound

Special Ops has high-quality graphics and sounds that pull players into the game world. The game’s sound effects are made to sound like gunfire, explosions, and other sounds of combat as closely as possible.

Dramatic, overwhelming real-time FPS action

  • Amazing tactical movement system with console-like shooting experience
  • Addictive multiplayer game with diverse real-world guns to choose from
  • Collaborate with teammates to destroy enemies in Team Mode
  • Experience the horror of having to fight your teammates when they become the undead
  • Jump over enemies’ heads in space mode.

Diverse and realistic scenarios

  • Fair matches, no gun upgrade system
  • Sniper style
  • Become MVP


In conclusion, Special Ops is a fun and challenging multiplayer game that gives players a unique and intense experience. The game’s focus on teamwork, strategy, and the use of weapons and gadgets make it a must-play for fans of the first-person shooter genre.

Download Special Ops: Online FPS PVP MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Dump Enemy) 3.39

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