Space Rover: Planet mining

Space Rover: Planet mining MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.43

App NameSpace Rover: Planet mining
Publisher Mamboo Games
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Minerals on Mars are valuable and give you more benefits than you think. Explore mining with special machines in Space Rover and build a mineral empire of your own.

About Space Rover

Idle games are too familiar to players with their simplicity and not high demanding gameplay. Space Rover is an idle game revolving around space exploration and Mars mining. Mamboo Games focuses on exploiting the idleness of players while helping them make a lot of profit even when offline. This game will lead players to a new planet without humans being here before. This planet is primitive and contains many valuable minerals. However, these minerals cannot be mined in the usual way. Only specially designed rovers can mine this terrain. Let’s explore how mining will take place on Mars.

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Mars is a potential location in Space Rover where many rare minerals have not been found. With the provided rovers, you will proceed on your journey to mining the minerals of this planet. Minerals are produced in many different shapes and colors. It appears randomly everywhere in this space. They are usually clustered with more than ten crystals at a time. By controlling the rovers to move around this area, you can collect many strange minerals.

The game does not require you to click to collect. Therefore, let focus on one-handed control and look around. Try to move your rovers to the center because it sucks up all the minerals. Plus, while mining minerals, you can set up a mineral processing plant. The special feature is that the plants are located in your own space. Whether it works properly or not depends on the number of minerals you earn. Besides, do not miss the opportunity to become a mining tycoon on Mars.

Explore the Mars’ space in search of minerals

Mars is bigger than you think. It is not just a small area with fixed minerals. It is a large space with many areas containing rare minerals. To explore the vastness and collect the available minerals, you need to move your rovers. While exploring Space Rover, you will discover a variety of minerals from basic to high value. They also appear in various shapes and quantities. Pay attention to the radius circle that appears in front of the rover. It will represent the distance between your device and the mineral. Also, it does not only help you discover minerals, but rovers also help you detect more strange objects. It could be new mining technologies or even aliens. Just move far enough, you will discover many new things.

Upgrade Rovers to increase your income

Rovers are devices that help you find and exploit minerals efficiently in Space Rover. Therefore, don’t be afraid to spend money to upgrade or buy new devices. When you upgrade the rovers, the speed and productivity of this device also improve. The upgrading will bring your rovers new shapes and mining features. They will become eye-catching with many different colors with faster search and mining speed. In particular, the search radius will expand for you to discover and exploit minerals. The number of minerals that can be mined at one time has also been expanded. As a result, you will have more income and materials for your factory.

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Collect minerals to build factories

Mars contains a huge amount of minerals. Thus, it would be a waste if you do not use them to build factories. Every time your rovers collect minerals, transport them to the factory. To build these factories, you need to reach a level and try a certain amount of money. These plants will be fixed in some locations for your convenience. Some plants only accept certain minerals. Therefore, you need to pay attention to exploiting the right minerals to produce the goods. With factory-made products, you can sell them for extra money. The factory’s production capacity will depend on the upgrade rate and the number of minerals you supply.

Keep mining and earn money while offline

As an idle game genre, it is normal to make money while offline. You don’t have to constantly enter Space Rover to control the rovers and mine minerals. Instead, rovers will automatically mine Mars minerals in your absence. By setting up the automatic mining mechanism and everything will be done. The number of minerals and money will automatically pour into your pocket. When you log back into the game, you will have plenty of money to continue building your factory and building your empire. Note, to get more idle coins, upgrade and expand your mining range for your rovers to grow to produce.

Become a mining tycoon in space

With all the mining setups on this planet, becoming a tycoon isn’t far from you. An empire with many factories and detectors are waiting for you to manage. There is no competition here, so you don’t have to worry about how to defeat your competitor. Instead, let focus on managing the rovers and mining areas in Space Rover to become rich. Let plan to upgrade the rovers and expand the mining map for more coins. Moreover, you are an idle tycoon because everything is already automated. Without your presence, the equipment still works well and is profitable.

MOD APK of Space Rover: Planet mining

Mod info

  • Unlimited Money: The mod provides unlimited money to buy and upgrade everything in the game.


This Martian land full of valuable minerals is yours. Take advantage and exploit it to get rich. Download Space Rover now and make your dream of being a space mining tycoon come true.

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