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Space Rangers Legacy apk 1

Do you still remember the game Space Rangers, a super hit many years ago on PC which has received a lot of brilliant success? If you love this game, you should definitely not miss the Space Rangers: Legacy, which is the mobile version of the legendary Space Rangers game. In general, the developers have tried to retain the essence of the previous game from the gameplay from gameplay to graphics.

Space Rangers Legacy apk 1

The game Space Rangers: Legacy was released on last April 10 by 1C Publishing EU and support for both Android and iOS mobile platforms for totally free. The game size is 47M, a quite compact size. It is said that the game deserves to be on the top of every game in both terms of gameplay and graphics. Before downloading the game, please refer to the review below of ApkMod to know more about Space Rangers: Legacy and we will guide you how to download it to your device.

Space Rangers: Legacy – The ultimate RPG back on Mobile

What’s the attractiveness of the mobile version?

Space Ranger: Legacy is a role-playing game in which players will be transformed into a space cowboy, joining the Alliance of Races in space to combat the destruction of the Dominator. Just like the older versions of the game, the player’s mission is to travel through planets, planetary systems, alliances with different races, refine and upgrade their own spacecraft, and finally participate in the fierce battles outside of space.

Space Rangers Legacy apk 2

Coming to Space Rangers: Legacy, you will be able to admire a vast galaxy of real, it gives you a vast and magical feeling. The events that take place regardless of whether the player intervenes, the pirate attacks of space, the Dominator conquest of the Alliance … are constantly taking place somewhere on the map. In general, each time is a whole new universe with different events, although only the Single Play but the player is not alone.

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Graphics upgrade

A new point on Space Rangers: Legacy in comparison with the original version is the new graphics. The graphics of the game are upgraded, refined than the old version and it is the sharp 3D graphics in the modern style. The impressive feature of this game is probably the big battle with the advent of dozens of airships, the chases, laser beams with different colors constantly flickered across the screen, the boat was hit by a bullet, … All these things can completely make people excited and totally satisfied.

Space Rangers Legacy apk 4

Space Rangers: Legacy APK V1.5.11 – The ultimate RPG back on Mobile

Space Rangers: Legacy not only take over all the best things from the original Space Rangers PC but also has a lot of new features which will not make the player feel bored. Especially, the most advanced 3D graphics will not let you down. So do not miss out on this awesome Space Rangers: Legacy game, download it from the link below to experience it.

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