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SoundCloud is a popular music streaming application in the world. With the advantage of suggesting song playlists based on your listening preferences, always updating the fastest new songs, and unlimited song stores, the world of music is at your fingertips.

About SoundCloud

SoundCloud is known as a cloud storage platform for audio. With this music service, you can download, discover, and upload all audio-related content. You not only stop at passive listening but also are allowed to upload audio. Its song store is great for discovering new songs and podcasts. If you are a singer or songwriter, connecting with fans is also easier than ever. You can even stream music if you use SoundCloud Go +. Besides, it also offers other great features allowing you to enjoy the world of music at your fingertips.

Basically, SoundCloud is similar to Spotify in that they both provide a service that allows you to stream music on digital platforms. However, the kind of music on these 2 services is not the same. In addition to songs released by mainstream artists, SoundCloud allows amateur artists to upload and share their recordings on the platform. This is not available on Spotify.

SoundCloud is one of the most popular music streaming services on many platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows … Only on the Play Store, this app has reached more than 100 million downloads and received many reviews. positive from users. SoundCloud has tens of millions of users who regularly use it to listen and share music, and thousands of new songs are uploaded every day.


Song playlist suggestions based on your taste for music

Users love the song suggestion feature at will. You don’t need to spend too much time searching for songs of the same genre as the ones you always listen to. A hint playlist will appear as soon as you click like the current song. If you listen to mood tracks, a list of mood songs with the same theme will show you when you like it. The same goes for other songs. As a result, you can enjoy your wonderful world of music without having to press to find other similar songs.

Uploading your audio is easy than ever

With this app, you can even upload the audio you create or the album you like most. It also offers different modes that allow you to leave it private or public so that everyone else can find and listen to the content. Usually, this upload feature is a great tool for emerging musicians. They easily put their music; podcasters often share their shows for everyone to listen to. Besides, audio engineers don’t pass up the opportunity to upload their sound projects or experiments. Thus, you can easily know how the audience feels and need to adjust the original beat to best.

Track, share favorite artists through social network music – Soundcloud

Do you always want to be the first to keep up with the latest songs from your favorite artists? The best way is to follow this artist’s  account. Once the follow-up is successful, all this artist’s activity will show up in your news feeds. You can also become someone who is known and interested in sharing a profile for everyone to enjoy.

Not only stop at the online music player but it is also considered as a social music network. If you listen to some music and want to share it for everyone to enjoy, let click Repost. Not only that, but you can also leave a comment at every moment the music is listening.

Update new songs quickly

The update speed of trend songs can be said to be second to none with SoundCloud. Sometimes it’s just demos or songs that are freely covered and newly released by artists. You cannot find the songs on other music services. Artists often upload demo tracks to engage people. This tool is always updated with the fastest new songs so that users do not miss any music party.

SoundCloud features

Music history

You accidentally recall the melody of a song you have heard, but you do not know what the name of that song is? Don’t worry, this tool helps you to keep a record of all the songs you listen to. In the history section on the home screen, you can find all the songs you have heard. These songs will be arranged in chronological order for you to find them more easily. Clicking on these songs is easy. As a result, you will save a huge amount of time searching and listening to the old audio clips.

How do I listen to music?

It’s too simple to create an account (you can use Facebook, Google, or any email address) or log in and start listening to music. You need to type in the search box for the content you want: a song, the name of an artist-artist, the name of a podcast, the list of results will return immediately for you to listen to. If you do not know what to listen to, it will recommend you a chart called  Top 50. This list provides the hottest songs for you to enjoy. After registering, you can find and follow the musicians and singers that you like. It also quickly suggests similar themes and musicians for you to follow.

Powerful music research

You just need to click search for a keyword such as the name of a group, artist, genre, etc.  All tracks, creators, or albums and even playlists will appear. This is a powerful music searcher with fast results. It also recommends adding artists or songs similar to the one you’re looking for so you can enjoy more.

MOD APK of SoundCloud

About SoundCloud Pro

SoundCloud Pro is a paid service exclusively for content creators. If you want to create content and post it, you need to pay to upload more content. Not only that, but it is also more convenient in tracking more statistical information about your content. This version also allows you to stream one podcast content weekly. Sharing about the newly created album is also easier than ever.


  • Languages: EN.
  • Removed duplicate graphics.
  • Removed advertising and analytics.
  • Removed autostart.
  • Removed the garbage that was not needed for the application.
  • Architecture: ARMv7 Only.
  • The signature has been changed.


Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful world of music with SoundCloud. Download this app now to join the most popular music community and listen to the most trendy music.

Download SoundCloud MOD APK (Lite ) 2023.11.14

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