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Soul Knight MOD APK (Money/ Unlocked) 6.0.5

With simple but intriguing gameplay, Soul Knight MOD APK has always and will be the game that everyone loves, including you! Download and experience the thrilling adventures now!

App NameSoul Knight
Publisher ChillyRoom
Require4.1 and up
MOD InfoMoney/ Unlocked
Get it onGoogle Play


Download the latest Soul Knight MOD at APKmazon to unlock everything in the game, get unlimited coins, gems, and more.

Introducing Soul Knight

As well-known games that are leading the entertainment industry constantly making a huge impact on gamers such as Arena of Valor, PUBG, Wild Rift,… keep on expanding and gain more popularity. Soul Knight – a 2D retro game that has always kept a pretty high position on Google Play with nearly 947K good reviews and more than 50 million downloads on this platform. Soul Knight does not impress players with its graphics, the great thing it offers is the excellent gameplay with tons of interesting missions to explore. You will be immersed in the game world to conquer challenges, collect weapons, battle bosses, and more.

Do you wonder why this game can do such a thing with only 2D graphics? Let’s discover more about this huge retro-style game in the following article.

The story

Released by the publisher Chillyroom, this game has shown its players the simplicity even from only the plot: “In a time of gun and sword, the magical stone that maintains the balance of the world is stolen by high-tech aliens. The world is hanging on a thin thread. It all depends on you retrieving the magical stone…”. Indeed, this game is not too focused on stories but just wants you to have fun, pick up your weapons, and head to the fierce battles.

Interesting gameplay

So what do you really need to do in this game? Let’s go deeper.

The main task in Soul Knight is that you have to eliminate all enemies in different rooms. There are a total of 3 areas, each area has 5 levels and each level has a number of rooms depending on the game itself. In the 5th level of each area, you are only allowed to go to the next area after defeating the boss. Sometimes, between rooms full of scary enemies are treasures,  wandering traders, … will definitely offer you great help in eliminating the enemy. Head onto the battlefield and show them who is the real boss!

In the game, there are 3 factors you need to keep an eye on of your hero: Health, Armor, and Energy. Unlike other shooting games, Soul Knight Heroes’ armor can be regenerated by avoiding taking damage for a short time. But unfortunately, health and energy do not work like that, which requires you to be very careful when controlling your Hero and paying attention to the remaining energy, avoiding running out of it because that will bring a huge disadvantage to your gameplay. Luckily, you’ll get some energy and coins after clearing out all enemies in a room. You can use the coins to buy weapons or potions in the shop, hire companions to fight for you, and much more. Therefore, it is also very important to spend properly.

Diverse and Dynamic Characters and Non-Playable Characters

Soul Knight is an excellent example of the maxim “a strong army starts with talented generals.” There are 14 playable characters to choose from, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, special abilities, and weaponry. In addition, there is a wide variety of ways to get unique clothing for each playable character. Simply touching on a character in the lobby will upgrade them to the next level.

Each champion has unique strengths and weaknesses, so there’s always something new to learn about them and keep gamers from becoming bored. The game’s non-player characters (NPCs) are equally as varied and interesting as the game’s main ones. Conversations with lobby NPCs can be rather engaging, and unlocked characters may even join you in-game to further flesh out the experience. These non-player characters can burn, pick up weapons, and battle alongside you just like the player can.

Soul Knight is an excellent option if you want to play a game with interesting protagonists and a detailed setting.

Unlocked/ Upgrade your Heroes

In order not to make it difficult for the players, every few levels passed, you will have a chance to choose one out of three types of buffs such as anti-poison, anti-fire, vampirism, etc which will bring great help in eliminating the enemies. If you choose wisely the type of buff that best suits your current Hero, getting through the levels will be just a piece of cake.

Currently, the game has 19 heroes that you can unlock and control. Each character is characterized by a set of stats, special skills, and starting weapons. Most of the characters in Soul Knight are not available at the start. If you want to use new heroes, you need to unlock them with gems or real money.

Your companions

You will not fight alone! Pets will accompany you and assist in eliminating the enemies. You will start with a black cat, but they’re much more pets to purchase such as wolf, pig, robot,…. Pets automatically attack opponents in battles. You cannot control them. When your pet takes enough damage from enemies, they will be frozen for 30 seconds. After recovering, they can continue to fight. Sometimes, Pets can create a huge impact on the gameplay so make sure to always bring one with you en route.

In addition, some rooms will have a fighter for you to rent. They will stick along and cover you to their last breath, making huge contributions to clearing out the enemies.

Variety in weapons and heroes

Soul Knight has more than 350 different weapons from deadly lasers to magical staves, creating a bunch of strategies you can choose from to overcome the dangers, go on and find the fighting style that best suits you and conquer the dungeons!

Weapons in the game are classified based on rarity. They are represented by color. As follows:

  • White is common
  • Green is Uncommon
  • Blue is a rare
  • Purple is very rare
  • Orange is Epic
  • and red is Legend

When entering the Lobby of the game, you will start with a Knight, but it does not stop there, the game has 15 different Heroes with unique skills and attributes which lead to thousands of ways to play the game. Moreover, each Hero has different outfits that come with eye-catching effects, promising to raise your curiosity and determination to unlock them all.

Invite your friends

Soul Knight also features shared LAN play for up to 4 people. All you need to do is connect to the same wifi, and that’s it, you can immediately co-op with your friends in the dungeons. So what are you waiting for without trying to get back the magic stone, accompanied and having fun? When playing with friends, your Heroes will have a knocked-out and resurrect feature that you can use to help your hero or your allies when defeated. The game ends only when all of your heroes are knocked out.

Chillyroom is currently working on an online gaming mode. That means in the near future when the project is finished, you can have your friends playing without having to connect to the same wifi. Stay tuned for more to come!

Intuitive control mechanism

Basically, the control system in Soul Knight is similar to other action role-playing games on mobile. You have a joystick on the left side to navigate your hero. The right side is a group of action buttons including attack, change weapons, activate buffs. The responsiveness of the buttons is perfect. It ensures you the best playing experience in intense and fierce battles.

Eye-Popping Graphics and Immersive Sound

In a fresh and engaging style, Soul Knight revives the charm of traditional 2D pixel art. The game’s shield will fascinate players because it resembles the coin-eating guards of yesteryear’s arcade games.

The visuals, however, continue. The game’s weapon effects are eye candy, too, with their striking visuals and vivid colors. The visual presentation of Soul Knight has been meticulously crafted to provide the best possible gaming experience.

Each run through the game is like a new adventure because of the game’s many different maps. The game’s fascinating and addicting thanks mainly to the realistic sound effects, which range from shooting to ax chopping.

MOD APK of Soul Knight

There are a lot of new weapons and characters for you to unlock in Soul Knight, but the task is not easy. You need money and gems. Besides, sometimes players get stuck at a stage because their heroes are not strong enough to win battles. Don’t worry, because you can overcome all these barriers thanks to the mod of the game that we provide. APKmazon gives you 2 different mod options for the game to choose from. Here is information about them:


  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited seeds, craft materials, items
  • Unlimited eggs
  • Unlock all characters
  • Unlock all skins
  • Unlock all paid skills
  • Unlock all plots in the garden
  • Unlock all pets
  • Unlock all weapons
  • Unlock all decorate: Magic Well, Fish Tank, Holy Statue, Beverage Vending Machine…
  • Free craft


  • All features of v1
  • Unlimited energy
  • No Skill CD

How do I update the game while keeping the game progress?

If you have downloaded and installed the MOD of Soul Knight from APKmazon before, you can easily update the game to the latest version without any problems. Your playing progress is retained.

However, if you download the game from a source other than APKmazon, you need to back up your game save data before installing it.


How to Become a Champion with Strong Characters in Soul Knight

In Soul Knight, owning a powerful character class is just a few steps away. Here’s how:

Complete stages and collect Gems – With each successful stage completion, you’ll have the chance to earn Gems, the in-game currency used to upgrade your characters or purchase new ones.
Invest in the game – Want to unlock a new character class instantly? Simply deposit some money into the game and you can access it right away.

How to update to the latest MOD without losing data?

Updating Soul Knight with Ease, No Data Loss Guaranteed!
Updating to the latest version of Soul Knight doesn’t have to mean losing all your progress and data. Here’s how to do it seamlessly:

Download both the old and new versions – Head over to APKMAZON.COM and download both the current version and the latest update.

Over-install the new version – When you’ve downloaded the new version, simply over-install it without removing the old version.

Back up your data – If you want to keep the data from your original version or a previous MOD version, make sure to back it up before installing the new MOD version from APKMAZON.COM.

Does this game have offline mode?

Soul Knight may be played whenever and anywhere you choose, regardless of whether or not you have access to the internet. Thanks to its cutting-edge cloud computing architecture, you can play games without any hiccups even when you don’t have internet access.

The game may be played without an internet connection, so you won’t lose any of your progress or data. You can play and enjoy Soul Knight to the fullest even if you’re stuck on a lengthy trip or in a place with spotty internet service.

Can I play co-op with my friends?

Playing Soul Knight with a group of pals is a great time. You and a friend may work together to take on the game’s challenges in the Co-Op mode.
Connect your devices to the same Wi-Fi network and sit close together to play Co-Op mode. The game will connect your devices instantly so that you may all play on the same map.


Soul Knight is the ultimate 8-bit adventure that will keep you occupied for hours. The game’s sophisticated design and attention to detail make it a must-play experience.

So, what are you holding out for? Prepare for an incredible adventure in the universe of Soul Knight. This game will captivate you with its addicting gameplay and beautiful design.

Download Soul Knight MOD APK (Money/ Unlocked) 6.0.5

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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