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Make your own music. Music creator for great songs. Song maker, editor & mixer.

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About Song Maker

Do you aspire to be a musician or DJ but don’t have access to a studio to create your music? If so, you should check out this article. Look no further than the Song Maker app, a free music maker that enables you to create your music by utilizing thousands of free samples, rhythms, and loops. Song Maker’s user interface is designed to be simple, and its extensive feature set makes it possible for anyone to compose and produce music.

Free Downloads and Samples of Music Available

The app provides its customers with a vast collection of free sounds, rhythms, and loops, which can be combined in any way the user sees fit. This is one of the significant benefits offered by Song Maker. Because users can access thousands of different samples, they are afforded infinite alternatives when producing original tunes without the requirement for copyrighted music. The program includes a variety of sound categories and loop samples, such as bass, guitar, trap and future bass one-shot, trap loops, hip hop, metal guitar loops, metal guitar one-shot, drum and bass, kick, clap, piano, and piano loops. Additionally, the app includes drum and bass, bang, crash, and piano loops. In addition, users can add their sounds to the mix and compose music entirely from scratch.

Integrated Music Creator with Support for Multiple Tracks for an Outstanding Process

Song Maker provides users with a multi-track music editor that simplifies creating new tracks and editing existing ones by smoothly incorporating multiple beats into a single composition. The editor allows users to interact with each channel in isolation and change the properties of the track by exchanging the individual tracks. Users also can add various audio cues in distinct levels, which results in a more complex and immersive listening experience.

A Variety of Genres, Each With Their Appropriate Templates

The program features diverse musical styles, including bass, hip hop, trap and future bass, metal, drums, and DJ-specific bespoke beats. This provides users with more inspiration for composing new music. Each subgenre has a set of characteristics that are unique to it and can help musicians build their signature sound. The app also provides customers templates for particular songs, which they can analyze and utilize to fit the music to their preferences. Users can modify the templates and add more elements to the track, producing something unique within the aforementioned musical genre.

Include Your Vocals on the Track, or Perform a Voice-over for It

Because users can add their voices to the recordings they compose with Song Maker, the resulting music is more genuine and personalized. Because the software has an in-built recorder capable of producing high-quality recordings, users will find it much simpler to record their voices and carry out voice-over work. Users also have the option to import previously recorded audio, organize it into multiple layers, and sync it up with the tune. If you want your voice-over to be in sync with the song, many different music-making methods exist.

Spread Your Content All Over the World Using a Variety of Formats

The app makes it simple for you to distribute your work to the rest of the world after you have finished creating it. You may export your music to various file formats and compress it so that it takes up less space with the help of the sharing functions of the program. The app also allows you to save your files straight to your chosen cloud storage service, which is helpful if you wish to keep your data in a more discreet location.


Anyone interested in writing or producing music will find that Song Maker is the ideal app for them. The app’s massive library of free sounds, rhythms, loops, multi-track music editor, and user-friendly interface makes it possible for anyone to create music. Song Maker is the best free music maker app that enables you to unleash your imagination and create something truly one of a kind. Whether you want to be a DJ or a musician, you can use Song Maker to generate music. Get it now and get started making music right now!

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