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Soccer Super Star puts you in specific situations in exciting football matches. It’s like a fun simulation game where you draw to control the ball and shoot it at your opponent’s goal. Ready to score and lead your club to victory?


My childhood was waiting until every weekend to watch EPL – the most attractive football tournament on the planet. I was mesmerized by Beckham’s ‘rainbow’ cross, the ‘Wenger Ball’ tactics, and Michael Ballack’s cannon shots. In my mind, there is always a desire to become a football player. Everything changed when I was injured at the age of 10 while training. Having to leave professional football is a strong love for this sport, but still in me.

Loved football once; it will be forever. Although I don’t go to the field to play football often, I still have happy moments on the small screen of my smartphone playing football games. And one of my favorite games is Soccer Super Star, a beautiful tactical football game.

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About Soccer Super Star

Soccer Super Star is an awesome football game on Android. In the game, you will be playing a player’s role on the field and playing with your teammates. The captain’s armband will be given to you, and you will dominate the team’s play. The ultimate goal is always to win the rounds. This game requires you to have a ball-playing mindset, accuracy, and a little creativity. You can create excellent products that delight your fans, or you can also leave in failure. Now, let’s explore this fascinating game with us in this article.


Each level of Soccer Super Star is a situation in the match. It can be a ball deployment phase from home or an attack to press the penalty area. Your task is to find a way to put the ball into the opponent’s goal. This is when you need to promote your tactics. You can deploy the legendary tiki-taka strategy to get close to the opponent’s goal. You can also use long balls to speed up the winger. Or you can also recklessly deliver long-range shots. There are countless ways to create a goal in a situation. Soccer Super Star trains you to choose the right tactics to win.

Sometimes, you will be put in a situation where the opponent is leading. This is when you need to keep a cool head and deploy your team play. Each case has only one play, and if you miss it, you lose the game. Let’s be a brave team and come back to defeat the opponent.

Going to the next rounds, confronting strong opponents, they are strong in the ball control dispute. Therefore, you need to come up with reasonable tactics to overcome them.

The game allows you to play as a player on the field

Soccer Super Star is a real football game, which means you will experience being a football player on the field. How ever, you will not need to do management or coaching jobs. You are just a football player. Also, you can control any player in any position on the field, from the goalkeeper, midfielder to the striker. But each turn, you play as a single player who controls the ball on his feet. Please consider proper ball rotation; if the opponent blocks or steals your ball, you will fail and have to start over.

Soccer Super Star gameplay

Simple control system

Unlike other football games on smartphones, Soccer Super Star’s main operations are mainly touched and swipe. It is pretty easy to get used to. You will swipe to create the trajectory of the ball. You can swipe to pass, swipe to shoot, even swipe to head. It sounds easy, but it’s actually not. Creating an accurate pass or finish requires you to align the same strokes. Swiping too fast or too slow can deflect the ball’s trajectory. To become a “boss” of ball control on the field, you will have to practice quite a lot.

You can also play Soccer Super Star even while offline. As long as you don’t close the app, the game will remember the progress in the cache and sync it when you’re connected to the internet.

Creativity to make beautiful goals

Referring to football, it is impossible not to mention the amazing goals. In Soccer Super Star, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own super. You will be put into a situation of free kicks at various corners of the field. Make decisions quickly and accurately. You can decide to shoot spin and create a rainbow shot with a slick ball trajectory. Or maybe a powerful long shot. Let’s “draw” your ball trajectory line. But remember, a beautiful masterpiece needs a lot of precision in swipes. A little mistake can destroy your moment.

The creativity of Soccer Super Star is unlimited, and you can “draw” a lot of magical ball lines. From cuts that make the ball curve like a banana to the famous knuckleball shot or the precise chip shot.

For me, a super product is a reasonable assist pass for a teammate. Whenever I have the ball, I always find a way to poke holes or put the ball in the most favorable position to create. Soccer Super Star is quite difficult because it requires you to swipe with reasonable force and determine the exact drop point of the ball. But when you do, it’s very satisfying.

Soccer Super Star features

Challenging rounds

Soccer Super Star rounds are built with increasing difficulty and interact with your players. These rounds will accompany the career of the player you choose. Starting in the amateur tournament, you will be recruited to the first division, and the culmination of your career is participating in the world tournament – the World Cup. The more you play, the easier it will be to see the difficulty increase when facing increasingly strong opponents.

You will be given the challenge of earning stars to achieve a perfect victory in the matches. There will be three stars in a game, and each star corresponds to a small task, such as passing the ball to the key player or finishing into the right/left corner of the goal. That means that if you want to have a flawless victory, you must calculate each ball that is most suitable and accurate.

Realistic 3D graphics and sounds

Soccer Super Star is designed in 3D to create a realistic feeling for players. I do not appreciate the graphics of this game, obviously compared with PES or FIFA Football is too different. But what attracts me to Soccer Super Star is the real kick. The physical effects of the player and the ball are simulated scientifically. This also challenges players when they have to align their ball forces in each phase.

The sound in Soccer Super Star is also simulated vividly. From the sound of the tournament background music when the players step out onto the field to the cheers of the fans throughout the stands. The sound of the fans will grow louder as you get closer to the opponent’s goal, creating the thrill of intense matches. You will feel the explosion from all sides of the stands every time you score a super long shot. The fans will cheer wildly, and you will experience the feeling that you are standing in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

Even the sound of the ball touches is accurately reproduced. The sound of the ball appears every time the player passes and receives the ball. It is honest and detailed according to the power of each pass/shot that you swipe. I love listening to the ball pass through the players’ feet when playing on the kick, and it’s the perfect sound of control.

Build your own soccer superstar

This is a first-person football role-playing game so that you can build your player. Start with naming the player, choosing a nationality, and finally setting the appearance. Through each round, you will receive pieces of puzzle items. They are pieces of costumes, football boots, hairstyles, accessories. Your players will always stand out on the field to equip your players with such unique items.

You can also decide on your transfer. Of course, when you play well, many teams will want to own you. After about the first 20 primary rounds, you will receive invitations to join the big groups. At this point, the decision is completely in your hands, and you can choose to enter your favorite team in real life or continue playing for your current team. Whatever your choice, it opens up many avenues of personal development for players.

After each transfer window, you can also choose your preferred shirt number. The number of the shirt is often likened to the player’s soul. Before they know a player, they will notice his shirt number. Pick your shirt number – a number you like and stick with. It will become a symbol to thank you every time you pass a new level.

MOD APK of Soccer Super Star

To fully unlock Soccer Super Star, you will have to pay around $4.7. When you do, you will receive some privileges such as:

  • Unlock some special rounds
  • Get more item puzzle pieces after rounds
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited lives, reverse the ball handling phase. (This is a feature that allows you to replay the ball if you miss the shot or are blocked by the opponent)

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Rewind
  • No ads
  • Free download on


You can practice tactical vision and top-notch football thinking through the game Soccer Super Star. At the same time, you can also promote creativity in the play and execution of the ball. This is an exciting and extremely attractive game. If you are a soccer lover, don’t miss Soccer Super Star!

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