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  • Latest Version: 1.2.14
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  • Date Updated: March 1, 2019

Recently, the developers of entertaining games seem to really like the io style products. In the previous posts, we have introduced you to the attractive io games like Crowd – Clash of Crowns!Popular Wars,, … Most of these titles have quite similar styles that bring many players into a mortal arena, the last survivor will be the winner. And today, we will introduce you to a new attractive io game called

Snowball is a new entertainment game of Geisha Tokyo, a studio from Japan. This game is now available on Google Play and the AppStore for free and quickly attracts the attention of global players. owns a fairly familiar io-style gameplay and pretty good 3D visuals. After being released for a few days, was ranked # 3 in the Arcade category on the App Store. In other app stores, the’s number of download is growing rapidly. – The battle between snowballs

Like all the other games we’ve introduced, is a fairly simple online game. Joining the game, you will just need to create the largest snowball possible and throw the other snow balls into the water. Specifically, you will join with many other players in a snowball battle. Each player controls a snowball. Just by moving in the snow, you can automatically make the ball grow. Players will control their snowballs, attacking the opponent by ejecting their snowball into the water. Until there is only one remaining snowball, the game will end.


It may sound simple, but when you play the game, it’s not that simple. From the way the ball is controlled to attacking the opponent, it requires good technique from players. In order to move, you have to touch and hold the hand on the screen, then move to the position you want. But you have to move in the curves line of a horizontal figure-8 line. To attack your opponent, just release your hand and your snowball will be shot forward to knock your opponent off the snow. If you are not careful, you will be attacked by other players and be eliminated from the game. Therefore, you will not only have to skillfully move to make the ball quickly bigger but also to know how to attack and dodge the shots of other players.

The difficulty of the game is not only that, but MOD APK also has a safety zone system as the survival game. This means that the snow ground will gradually break down, shrink, and bring the survivors closer together. So a game battle will take place quite quickly within just a few minutes. Thanks to this feature, game will be more dramatic when the player must kill each other to find the winner.


After each level you get the top 1, you will receive gold stars. These stars help you upgrade your snowmaker machine. The new snowmaker machine will be better, help you create snowballs faster and bigger. The bigger the ball is, the easier it will be to knock the other balls out of the arena, making it easier for you to win the game.

Sharp image

Although it’s a fairly simple entertainment game, there are not many visual designs, but was developed with quite impressive 3D graphics. In the game, there will only be the images of snowballs, snow machines and snow ground on the water. The snow round will change in many different colors to make your game boring in terms of image. These are rather light colors to bring you the feeling of snow.

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In conclusion, we can assure that MOD APK will give you a very interesting, entertaining arena without having to shoot or kill as other survival games. You can join with players from all around the world to show your abilities, or enter your name in the game’s the best players list. We will not take your time anymore, you can download the game link below to experience it right now.

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