Download Slaughter 2: Prison Assault MOD APK V1.3 (Unlimited Money)

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Slaughter 2 2


  • Publisher: Ray Spark
  • Platforms: Android +
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 200MB
  • Latest Version: 1.3
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: January 23, 2019

We all know that, so far, the series of shooting game has always been very popular all over the world, which has been adapted into many different genres. Until 2017, a series of survival shooting games appeared, making other traditional shooters overshadowed, no longer being as much concerned. So to be able to attract players, new shooting games must get really attractive gameplay or other novelty points. And Slaughter 2: Prison Assault is a name you can’t miss these days. It’s completely new, an extremely attractive traditional shooter.

Slaughter 2 1

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault is Slaughter’s next release of Ray Spark in 2017 with a slightly refreshed gameplay and new features. Just like the first Slaughter version, Slaughter 2: Prison Assault will be a paid game for more than $ 1. However, if you want to quickly play the game for free or take time for the payment, you can choose the version of Slaughter 2: Prison Assault APK below of us. There is also a version of Slaughter 2: Prison Assault MOD APK with the attractive Unlimited Money feature. But first, let’s find out the highlights of this game.

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault – The battle of the madmen

Background of the game

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault takes gamers into the context of the ultimate security prison where the most bloodthirsty people are kept in the criminals. However, a mysterious evil player appears, took advantage of these prisoners to carry out crazy experiments and turn them into true monsters. A riot took place at the Burdec Prison. The mysterious and crazy man called Tsantsa is standing behind all these horrible events. The city here is full of thugs making it fully disturbed. As a member of the special forces assigned here, players will have to use their skills to destroy any threat to the outside world.

Slaughter 2 2

Traditional shooting gameplay

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault has the same style as a traditional shooting game, which allows gamers to travel through various areas and use their marksmanship skills to destroy the enemy. The game uses a completely free movement mechanism, allowing players to easily perform accurate fireworks while avoiding enemy attacks. You can fight to overcome the enemies, destroy every moving thing like a real soldier. But you can also search for secrets and records, to match the clues of a terrible story that happened in Burdeck Prison.

Slaughter 2 3

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault also gives you an extremely diverse weapon system that gives you the freedom to choose for the battle. You can feel the power of each gun from which you can create your own style of playing. The damage system which was carefully developed will make every kill unique and interesting, you can create the top shooting phase, give no change for the enemy to attack you. Just ambush and set traps for the enemy, prowl behind them to create unexpected attacks, making the opponent unable to react.

Slaughter 2 4

Impressive 3D graphics

Like the previous version, Slaughter 2: Prison Assault also possesses an eye-catching graphics, showing the prison scene featuring areas of detailed and vivid design. The effects such as pattern or shadow cast also perform quite well, bringing a dark and gloomy feeling characteristic for the game. Slaughter 2: Prison Assault has been slightly upgraded in terms of image quality compared to the first Slaughter, but it seems you can hardly realize it.

Download Slaughter 2: Prison Assault MOD APK

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault is really a great shooting game, which is suitable for those who love this traditional type of game for many years. As stated, Slaughter 2: Prison Assault is a paid game, if you want to buy it can choose the link from Google Play. Otherwise, you can choose Slaughter 2: Prison Assault MOD APK version or MOD version with unlimited money features. With it, you can buy any equipment or weapons for your character.

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