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Images that have depth and breadth will create more impressions and attract viewers. SKRWT is a highly rated photography app that will calibrate your camera lens to help you make artistic images.


When photographing landscapes or architecture, people care about balance and harmony in composition. To form the perfect composition, the photographer must know how to handle the angle of the shot and combine it with various post-production adjustments. It requires a lot of photography and editing experience. Mjagielski has released SKRWT to help users to calibrate the shooting angle better.

This application supports your architectural images’ tilt angle, width, and depth adjustment. It will turn the photos from the wrong angle to achieve perfect harmony and balance. Also, it adds many significant effects to make your pictures unique. All images edited through this tool’s versatile toolset will become more artistic than ever.

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Camera lens correction

As a photography enthusiast, it is essential to calibrate the camera lens to the right angle. If you don’t know how to adjust, let SKRWT’s calibration tool help you. It can straighten shapes, create blocks, square corners, bold lines and give your images more depth. It is especially effective for architectural photos or high-rise buildings.

For landscape images, its correction makes the image more unique. Besides, with extensions including MRRW and 4PNTS, your photos are automatically created with a perfect balance. This tool will automatically adjust the image angle and make everything intuitive. In general, with the image editing capabilities that this tool provides, you do not need to use any additional image editing tools.

Automatically angle adjusting camera

To reduce the hassle of editing, you should have an initial image with a good angle. If you’re thinking about getting the perfect angle, let SKRWT’s camera help you. When shooting with this camera, it will automatically crop the image and adjust its angle. With the shooting angle automatically adjusted, your photos will become sharper and have more depth.

If you don’t like the automatic customizations this tool offers, you can modify them yourself. It allows you to change the tilt, choose a new angle yourself or change the height or low of the image angle. Besides, it offers many exciting depth effects to apply to your images. Each different effect will bring a new perspective to your photo.

Edit every detail in the image

If you feel your images aren’t perfect enough, use SKRWT’s detailed retouching toolset. It allows you to rotate the image or adjust it vertically or horizontally. Besides, it will enable you to adjust each axis of the picture. This adjustment minimizes image distortion when you shoot from the lens. You can change the distortion and tilt gauges to get the angle you want. Your images will achieve natural curves with outstanding contours. Also, your photo will look like taking with a wide-angle lens. In addition, it also supports saving images with the best quality. You can quickly share these images via any social networking site with HD quality.

Adjust multiple photo angles with 4PNTS

SKRWT offers intuitive point-by-point image correction called 4PNTS. This function gives the image depth and makes things more sophisticated. Also, you can apply metrics automatically or manually adjust to the built-in metrics. It allows you to select key points and adjust the image to focus on them. The point adjustment makes the image more intuitive. It also creates emphasis so that people focus on the particular points of your image. Besides, you can manipulate many different image angles instead of adjusting one or two image angles.

SKRWT mod apk features

Leveraging hidden symmetries – MRRW

MRRW is a hidden symmetry boost feature that makes the most of the special symmetries in your images. Using this feature, you can make the most of the hidden symmetries in the photo. Plus, it helps you exploit and increase your images’ artistry. It will exploit any symmetry and angles of the image to the fullest. You can use the symmetries suggested by this tool to accentuate your photos. Besides, you can use the available symmetry models to change the layout of your images. Each model will have a unique design, giving your original images different artistic angles.

Intuitive and easy to use interface

It doesn’t matter if you have previous experience using photo editing apps or not. With SKRWT’s intuitive interface, you can learn to use the functions in minutes. You can easily find the desired function on a black background and white functions. All features are available on the toolbar for more accessible selection. Image correction models are also included in these features. Therefore, each time you select an element, it will automatically show suggestions and models to apply to your images.


Mod info

SKRWT is a paid app on the Play Store. It is one of the best-paid apps in the photography category. You need to pay $2.99 to get it from the app market. However, you can already download it for free at our blog.

Besides, we have also provided the latest mods of some other very good photo editing apps such as Picsart Premium and VSCO.


With SKRWT, you can easily create images with depth and full of art. A few taps will calibrate the built-in camera lens on Android phones to make perfect pictures. Download this app now and enjoy the great functions it offers.

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