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Sketch Lite by Rasm - Artbook MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.2

Use Sketch to draw & paint sketches. Rasm makes drawing apps for iPad & Android.

App NameSketch Lite by Rasm - Artbook
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About Sketch Lite by Rasm

It’s easy to see why digital art has become so popular recently. As computer technology has progressed, artists have gained access to many programs and resources that enable them to produce unique digital works of art. Sketch Lite by Rasm is a robust platform that aims to provide artists of all skill levels with the resources they need to make digital art indistinguishable from that created using traditional mediums.

Easy-to-Use Layout with All the Necessary Features

The app’s sketch pad is ideal for practicing independent drawing. The interface is friendly and straightforward, with several valuable features that may be used immediately. The save, undo, and zoom-in buttons you often use are conveniently placed on the screen’s top and bottom corners. The design is intuitive and up-to-date, so users can quickly and easily access the needed features.

Effective Paintbrushes

Sketch Lite by Rasm’s brush tools are among its most notable characteristics. Various pen sizes and brush types allow for infinite compositional possibilities. You may use this function to make anything from a precise drawing to an abstract painting. The brush tools are made to enable you to have a total say over your artwork, allowing you to draw whatever you can imagine. You may add effects and color with a wide range of strokes, including those from pencils, fountain pens, and brushes of varying sizes.

A Layered Approach

When creating digital art, the layers function is handy. It’s a great way to organize your artwork and try new techniques and concepts. You may make as many layers as you need and rearrange them or change their transparency to achieve the desired result. You may fine-tune your work to perfection using the available editing tools without having to redo any of your hard work from scratch.

The palette of Vibrant, Distinct Colors

The application’s sophisticated and flexible color palette makes choosing a hue a breeze. Sketch Lite by Rasm gives you access to an extensive color palette. This system of assigning unique IDs to each hue makes it simple to choose a shade you like on the web, copy its ID, and then use it in the app. In addition, you may alter the color by adjusting the bright and dark values after choosing a color.

Other Special Features

Additional features are only available in this app to round out your whole experience. In addition to the strengths above, this program benefits from several helpful editing tools. The image’s colors and effects may be easily adjusted, and users can shape the image’s layout by drawing new lines and curves. The completed project may be saved locally or shared with others using the app’s sophisticated sharing mechanism.


Ultimately, Sketch Lite by Rasm is a highly professional and flexible drawing assistance tool that allows you to plan and execute your unique paintings. Let your imagination run wild and create magnificent digital art with this software thanks to its user-friendly interface, potent brush tools, layers feature, broad color palette, and other one-of-a-kind capabilities. Downloading Sketch Lite by Rasm app is a great way to get started in the fascinating world of digital art, whether you’re an expert artist or just getting started.

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