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Become a scientist in the game SimpleRockets 2. Build your own Rockets then launch them into the sky. Are you ready to download the latest mod of this game?

Introducing SimpleRockets 2

Conquering the sky and reaching for the stars is one of the most genuine and beautiful dreams back when we are some childlike kids. Even when at the age of 20, 30, or more, the dream still recalls itself sometimes as we gaze upon the constellations. Like a reply to that wish, developer Jundroo has dropped a game called Simple Rockets 2, a game that to some extent, fulfills that childhood desire of us. Not too long after its release, the game quickly attracts thousands of downloads and a 4-star rating on the Google Play platform. Although the number of players is not very admirable at this point, the game itself has so much potential that we decided to bring it to you today. Come and explore the universe inside SimpleRockets 2 APK with us in the article below.

SimpleRockets 2 mod apk download

What is the game about?

It’s SimpleRockets 2, so basically it is about rockets that are simple! At its core, Simple Rockets 2 is a physics and spaceflight simulator in which users may create and test their own space and aircraft. It’s a totally 3D space sim that lets you build rockets, planes, rovers, and everything else you can dream of, as well as explore astonishingly realistic 3D worlds. Crafts and saved games are simple to share with the community and learn more from them. Along with the crafting are 17 different tests to see if your rockets are qualified to be wandering in space.

The game can be played in different scenarios and points of view: Sitting inside the rocket itself, controlling the orbit of the rocket from the ground or building, and alternating its components. Regardless of your choice, the gameplay will still be interesting, and your goal remains to bring your spacecraft – your dream into orbit.

Build your own rocket and “launch” it into space

After the introduction and a small sneak-peak of the game, you must be very excited to know more about the game, don’t you? Well, wait no more because we will dig deeper shortly.

As you start a new game, there will be two selectable options for you to choose whether to build a rocket or an airplane. The gameplay will be different according to your choice regarding how the spacecraft will work. Still, the build always has to have consisted of three parts: Command Pods, Fuel Tanks, and Engine. Let’s get to know more about the usage of each part, shall we?

Command Pods:

The Command Pod is required for any vessel you plan to command. It may be removed with a Command Chip, which is useful for smaller vessels such as rovers, airplanes, and anything else where the normal Pod would be inconvenient. Position a Command Chip anywhere on the craft, then select it and go to Part Properties, then “Set as Primary”. The Command Pod can then be removed.

Fuel Tanks:

The gasoline that will be utilized by the engine is stored in a fuel tank. Without it, your engine is nothing more than a colossal, expensive paperweight. A fuel tank may be used for more than just fuel; they are the game’s standard structural component, utilized for plane and space station fuselages, as well as massive ships, and the standard crafting item. All of the different variations of fuel will be showcased further in the article below.


Engines. The thing that causes magic to happen. Engines are (usually) put directly beneath the fuel tank and use gasoline to propel themselves; however, engines may be placed remotely by activating the ‘Fuel Line’ modifier on every object between the engine and its tank. While there are default engines in the game, they are simply preset designs; engine performance is generated procedurally depending on the alteration of each parameter and may be drastically tweaked to obtain any desired conclusion.

SimpleRockets 2 gameplay

Guide the way for your spacecraft

After you have done the fun parts of designing and crafting the rocket, it is time for you to code everything it needed for your product to be able to fly in space. From the thrust force, exhaust velocity to TWR, mass flow, etc. everything has to be precisely set up to achieve a successful flight.

To function properly, an engine must be calibrated for the altitude at which it will be utilized. The Altitude slider shows the engine’s performance at the chosen altitude. Set it to a location near where the engine will see major activity. The Rocket Engine section offers information on the engine itself, whereas the Staging Analysis section takes into account available fuel and weight, among other factors, as well as how the stage works together. When designing one, limit it to only that stage.

Use the appropriate energy for your spacecraft

SimpleRockets 2 provides you with 10 different variations of fuel for you to choose from and give the most suitable one for your rocket. Each of them has its own specific usage, for example, Xenon produces a low thrust engine but can burn for quite a long time, Kerolox is used in the first stages of the flight but not orbital ones due to its heavyweight.

They are divided into 4 main groups: Liquid, Solid, Nuclear and Other.

Community of astronomy lovers

SimpleRockets 2 is more than just an ordinary rocket-building simulation game. It comes to creating a fun community for those who love physics, astronomy, and space exploration. Players can share drafts of rockets they built. They can then discuss different aspects of the game.

Have you designed and built a complete rocket? Don’t hesitate to share it with the community then get everyone’s reviews to improve it.

SimpleRockets 2 mod apk features

MOD APK of SimpleRockets 2

MOD Info

Paid/ Patched: Now you can download and install it for free.

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Our thoughts of SimpleRockets 2?

The game is more of a scientific sim than an entertaining one due to all the working principles of rockets, aircraft, and spacecraft. For some people, it might be a dull app to explore and experience, but once you have got the hang of it, Simple Rockets is quite a goldmine to excavate. With our APK, you can absolutely try this masterpiece for free, so what are you waiting for without downloading and building a rocket right away!

Download SimpleRockets 2 MOD APK (Patched) 1.2.209

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