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SimplePlanes - Flight Simulator MOD APK (Paid/ Patched) 1.12.127

App NameSimplePlanes - Flight Simulator
Publisher Jundroo
Require6.0 and up
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Are you a plane enthusiast? Do you dream of becoming a pilot in the future? – If the answer is yes, then I have a perfect game for you. It will give you the experience of flying planes like in real life. It’s SimplePlanes

About SimplePlanes – Flight Simulator

SimplePlanes is a game published by JundrooLLC. This game will give you the experience of designing and building an airplane. It will provide you with knowledge about how an aircraft works. In addition, you will be able to control this plane flying in the sky. SimplePlanes will simulate for you the experience of a real pilot. See if you can conquer the skies in SimplePlanes!

SimplePlanes mod apk download

Build your plane

Of course, to start flying in the sky, you will need a plane. SimplePlanes will help you create your first airplane. When you first access the game, you will be shown how to create an aircraft. SimplePlanes will provide the materials for you to assemble into the complete plane. In this game, you will learn about the structure of an airplane. SimplePlanes will teach you what it takes to make an aircraft fly in the sky.

Pay attention to the structure of the plane. If the plane has too many redundant details, it will be heavy and slow. You can attach a few specialized weapons to your aircraft. These weapons can be found under Guns, Air-To-Ground Weapons, and Air-To-Air Weapons. They will serve in combat missions in SimplePlanes.

Realistic gameplay

In my opinion, SimplePlanes is a game that can simulate the movement of an aircraft most realistically. All aircraft movements are logical and follow the principles of physics. SimplePlanes will give you the most realistic feeling compared to controlling a plane in real life.

Game modes in SimplePlanes

SimplePlanes has an exciting game mode system. They are divided into a lot of task groups. These task groups correspond to the “game modes” in SimplePlanes:

  • School: This is where you will be taught the most basic operations from takeoff, flying, landing, and using weapons.
  • Races: In this mode, you will race the plane with formidable opponents. They are all skilled pilots flying modern aircraft. In addition, this game mode also has some unique conditions to complete. Some of those conditions are flying very close to the ground, flying around hills, acrobatics.
  • Combats: “Combats” is a battle mode. Here, you will control the fighter to participate in fierce battles. Your plane will be equipped with machine guns, missiles, and mines to fight the enemy. This is probably the most difficult mode in SimplePlanes because you will have to control the plane and fight.
  • Challenges: True to its name, SimplePlanes will give you challenges. These challenges revolve around flying skills. If you can pass them, you are a master pilot!
  • Sandbox: “Sandbox” mode is like an entertainment mode of SimplePlanes. Here, you can build aircraft, race speed, and firepower with other planes. What’s unique about this mode is that you can also use existing aircraft models designed by SimplePlanes. Try the Wasp – an aircraft based on the AirForce 1 of the US Air Force.

These game modes will help you learn how to fly the plane expertly. The tasks are ranked from easy to difficult. You will start from the simplest takeoff to handling more complex cases such as losing control and being attacked.

SimplePlanes features

How to pass missions in SimplePlanes

Controlling the plane is already hard, but piloting the aircraft and completing the missions in SimplePlanes is even more difficult. But I will show you a way to pass these quests. Quite simply, it’s optimizing your plane.

With missions in the “Races” or “Challenges” mode, remove the machine guns and missiles on the plane. They are completely unnecessary in this mode. Removing these items will make your plane light and easy to control. Instead, prioritize adding more motors or larger propellers to increase speed.

In “Combats” mode, carefully consider the weapons you need to use. Only two rockets and two machine guns in the wing part are enough. Focus on the engine and propeller to better chase the enemy.

Experience the feeling of controlling a variety of aircraft

Referring to airplanes, many people will probably think of large Boeings to transport people and goods. But no, in SimplePlanes, you can experience modern fighter planes. Please access the “Sandbox” mode. Here, you can experience from helicopters to powerful fighters.

Each aircraft has its controls and functions. So it may take you 1-2 games to get used to their mechanics. But you will get new and exciting feelings when experiencing the planes.

Also, you can build your dream plane. You will design your airplane from supplies without any instructions. Once done, you can change the colors and name your aircraft. Can you create a powerful plane?

Join fierce battles

SimplePlanes allows you to transform into a pilot in World War 2 – a fierce battle. Here, you will control the fighter to destroy the enemy. Sometimes, your mission is to drop bombs on the enemy barracks. These minigames are in the “Combats” category. But they are pretty difficult missions to play. The reason is that you will have to combine many controls at the same time, dodging bullets, dropping bombs, shooting guns.

SimplePlanes gameplay

Show acrobatic techniques

SimplePlanes simulates the experience of flying a real-life plane. You will feel that flying a plane is never easy. That’s why a good pilot has to go through thousands of hours of training. But once you’ve mastered the operations, you can perform outstanding moves.

You can perform acrobatic techniques, flip, swing in the air with your plane. These are challenging skills. But once you can do it, it’s incredibly satisfying.

Graphics and sound

SimplePlanes has an extremely realistic 3D design. The graphics of SimplePlanes are not too sharp and detailed. This is probably because the publisher focuses on physics in the game. The movements are very logical and scientific. All give you the experience as a real pilot.

The sound in SimplePlanes is also simulated very realistically and in detail. You can feel the sound effects of landmines, guns, and aircraft engines.

MOD APK of SimplePlanes

SimplePlanes is a paid game on GooglePlay. Currently, this game is priced at about $ 6. But APKmazon brings you the SimplePlanes MOD APK. You can download it for free to your smartphone from our website.

MOD Info:

  • All Unlocked
  • Paid/ Patched
  • Free download on


SimplePlanes is an aircraft control simulation game that you should not miss. Besides the experience of flying in the sky, you can also design your plane. SimplePlanes also has many types of aircraft for you to experience, such as helicopters, fighters, seaplanes. SimplePlanes is now completely unlocked on APKmazon. Download it for your smartphone at the link below.

Download SimplePlanes - Flight Simulator MOD APK (Paid/ Patched) 1.12.127

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