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As you all know, smartphones can make many beautiful photos, but they are not so unique and do not make your photos stand out in front of people. That’s why so many photo-editing and photo-taking applications are available to here to help you get the best shots. Today I will introduce you a great photo editing and editing application named ShoCandy-Bokeh. The application was released last December by Shoeeb. This will cost you $ 1, but the cost to create great photos is not high.

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ShoCandy-Bokeh: New Amazing photo editing application

Unlike other photo editing applications that focus on making pages, makeup or selfie, this new amazing app focus on developing the image editing with filters. You just select your favorite photo or take a new photo then select the bokeh filter to your liking. There are over 83 quality filters available for you to choose from. After each update, ShoCandy-Bokeh also added new filters. An image modified through the ShoCandy-Bokeh filter will become much more alive and beautiful. From there you can create your own unique photo album Album, your friends will be surprised by the ability to edit your photo is not inferior to the professional photographer.

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In addition, ShoCandy-Bokeh has many other photo editing features such as:

  • Effects exposed
  • Customize the brightness to match the scene of the photo
  • Adjust the contrast of the image
  • Saturation
  • Sharpen
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Shadows
  • Highlights
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After you have finished editing your photos, you can save them to your Photo Album to view them anyway. In addition, ShoCandy-Bokeh is also linked to social networks so you can share your favorite photos on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to show them off with your friends.

Download ShoCandy-Bokeh APK V1.0 for Android, iOS

In addition to these convenient features, ShoCandy-Bokeh Apk has an intuitive interface that is easy to use, so you can familiarize yourself with it from the first time you use it. In general, ShoCandy-Bokeh is a great app, and it will not disappoint you with the $ 1 buy-in. You can download the ShoCandy-Bokeh app on your device via the link below.

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