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At Gamescom 2017, the Shadowgun Legends team has brought to the viewers the latest images of the most anticipated shooter game this year on the mobile platform. It is considered to be a game with great graphical background and gameplay which is not inferior to the PC game FPS, Shadowgun Legends. At the Gamescom 2017, it has proved that when introducing a gameplay attractive with new features in the game.

Shadowgun Legends 1

Developed by Madfinger Games, the creator of the popular Dead Trigger series, the game is the latest release after Shadowgun and Shadowgun: Deadzone is released in 2012. Shadowgun Legends was first introduced in August 2016 through a short teaser and quickly attracted the attention of gamers. But now it is the end of March 2018, the new game is officially released. You can find out more about Shadowgun Legends game along with how to download games from the article below of ApkMod.

Review Shadowgun Legends – New role-playing game

Attractive plot of the game

Recalling a bit about Shadowgun Legends, this is a first-person shooter game (FPS) produced and developed by Madfinger Games. The plot of the game is about the time of 2380 when Earth is about to enter a new era when Toltech Enterprise and the giant corporations are setting up a new colonial regime. They provide resources and manage everything on earth.

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Peace does not remain long when our planet is invaded by dark forces coming from other planets in the galaxy. A group of warriors is formed called Shadowgun and their tasks are to protect the humanity from the greatest invasion ever.

Interesting gameplay

Like its predecessors, Shadowgun Legends retains the familiar gameplay mechanics of the FPS series on the mobile. However, developers have announced they want to rebuild the game from scratch rather than inherit the old ones that were included in the previous two. The evidence is that they have developed completely new features, including the Hub. In a little more detail, it is a place with full of entertainment and shopping areas to serve for all players in the same including bars, casinos, arms dealers and some other undisclosed locations. Shadowgun Legends will be split into two main modes, PvP and PvE, and, as revealed by the developers, they are developing a feature that allows more than 100 players to take the battle with the AI monsters in the game.

In the new version, players will be free to choose male or female characters. Through the battle process, players will receive EXP as well as the chance to improve their rankings to unlock new items and weapons.

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In terms of weapons and skills, Shadowgun Legends has a fairly advanced weapon system that allows players to bring up to three weapons at once in the battle, including primary weapons, secondary weapons, and sub-weapons. The difference in weapons in the game is that each weapon is governed by different types of ammunition, including Kinetic, Plasma, and Energy, each of which deals different damage to each type of enemy in the game.

There will be hundreds of different costumes in the game, divided into three main types: sleek, robotic and bulky. Shadowgun Legends has all 50 different skills (including passive and active). Players are only allowed to use two skills in the same match and should remember that grenades and cannons are also counted as skills.

Shadowgun Legends 2

Impressive graphics

Shadowgun Legends is considered the game having one of the most wonderful graphics in the series of FPS mobile games at the present time. The graphical platform of the game is built from the innovative Unity 3D engine, from character design to the surrounding environment, which made the first-timer look shocked to know that this is just a mobile game. Overall, the graphics are also a strong point of Shadowgun Legends, which can impress players right from the first game experience.

Download Shadowgun Legends MOD APK V0.4.3 for Android, iOS

There is nothing to worry about the quality of the game as it was developed by Madfinger Games, the developer of the famous Dead Trigger. In the past statistics, the series Dead Trigger has sold 23 million copies since its launch. After many days of waiting for the gamer, Shadowgun Legends finally released the official version for players around the world can experience. You can download the game Shadowgun Legends to your device via the link below to experience it.

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