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Shadow Slayer: Demon Hunter MOD APK (Menu, Money, God Mode) 1.2.35

An Action RPG With Shadow Anime Fighting Style Game!

App NameShadow Slayer: Demon Hunter
Publisher ONDI
MOD InfoMenu, Money, God Mode
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About this MOD

ㆍGod Mode
ㆍAttack Multiplier
ㆍUnlimited Gems

Note: You need to finish stage 8 to save your game check the settings click save.


About Shadow Slayer

Join us in the dark realm of Foliga in Shadow Slayer, a huge hard-core hack-and-slash action role-playing game. Foliga, a formerly pleasant and safe world, is now ruled by deadly bosses who are undead. The player’s mission in Shadow Slayer is to play the part of a hero who will end the rule of the zombie bosses and bring peace back to the land of Foliga. This game provides a one-of-a-kind adventure consisting of challenging boss fights, new abilities, and leveling up to the limit!

Discover, Kill, and Advance

There are a wide variety of enemies and bosses for players to take on in the dungeons of Shadow Slayer. Players may practice their skills in the game’s training mode before facing off against the game’s tough bosses. Battles are exciting and engaging because they force players to demonstrate their combat abilities and strategies.

Great Boss Fight

Epic boss confrontations with the game’s enormous, vicious, and powerful enemies are among the game’s most memorable moments. Bosses may quickly wipe out teams if their opponents must be well-prepared or skilled. These fights are among the most taxing and thrilling the game offers.

Various Playable and Rolling Characters

Multiple playable characters are available on Shadow Slayer, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. There is a unique strategy and fighting style for each playable character. Foliga’s universe is more immersive and fascinating because of the player’s ability to explore it from various angles.

Unidentified Chests of Gold

Treasures are scattered throughout the game, and players must keep their eyes peeled to find them all. These relics are priceless and may be used to get the experience and power levels required to advance in the game.

Simple, Stylish, and Effective Combo Activation

The 2D action RPG Shadow Slayer has a foreboding tone. The game’s stunning combo activation and simple controls allow players to roam a virtual pad as they unleash their attacks and talents on waves of foes. A single action is needed to set off the combination like a lengthy press. The game’s training components are reminiscent of role-playing games, allowing players to level up their characters’ weapons, armor, and abilities.

Appealing Personalities

There are two male and two female characters to choose from, reminiscent of Japanese animation. The game’s training system is a fun hack-and-slash minigame that encourages repeat playthroughs and the acquisition of better gear. The well-crafted characters are a big part of what makes this game so enjoyable.

Exciting Combos to Wipe Out the Competition

As they gain strength, gamers may defeat a larger and larger horde of foes. The visuals could be more impressive, but they capture the thrill of taking out many enemies simultaneously. There isn’t much to the tale, and the gameplay is straightforward and uncomplicated.

Funny Guy

In Shadow Slayer, the player first encounters the hero in a grim world overrun by the undead. The fascinating combat against the cold undead night is worth overlooking because the visuals are drawn in Japanese without translation. The player character may level up, gaining access to better weapons and gear. A Vietnamese studio created the game, although “GACHA” is used everywhere. Only two playable characters are available at launch, with more planned for the future. Players are eager to see the new abilities once they are unlocked. The game is fun enough, but the production values should be higher.

Basic Advice

To gain strength, players must acquire and upgrade several pieces of equipment. When first seeing an ivy-like obstruction that prevents forward progress, it might be disorienting. Only one foe lurking behind you needs to be defeated. The gacha and extra content (including video advertising) viewing are required. After that, playing more often will help you level up and acquire better equipment.

The best defense is an offensive one

The target score for each level for players is 3. The enemies can be seen firing missiles at them from a distance, slowly draining their health. Players can only win by actively attacking the antagonists. The game’s rapid progression is intriguing, and if players fear the strength of the adversaries is increasing, they may revisit previously conquered stages to stock up on goodies and stars.

MOD APK version of Shadow Slayer

MOD feature

Menu, Money, God Mode


Shadow Slayer, in a nutshell, is a one-of-a-kind and immersive anime-fighting RPG full of exciting combat. The game is ripe with potential for exploration, slaying, and leveling up, thanks to the wide variety of playable characters, the size of the boss battles, and hidden treasure boxes. The game’s appealing characters, simple controls, and stunning combo activation combine for a memorable and enjoyable experience. In this grim world where the undead run amok, players may take them out with thrilling combinations and cross paths with heroic figures. Players may spend hours immersed in Shadow Slayer thanks to its helpful hints for newcomers and its emphasis on offense.

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