Shadow of Death MOD APK V1.40.0.0 ( Dimond, crystals & souls) for Android

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Shadow of Death 1

Referring to the ARPG game series, players will immediately think about the famous Shadow Fight series which has been famous for many years. Since the series was released, many other games were produced with the same style and of Shadow Fight. Recently, a new action role-playing game with the Shadow Fight style has been released. It is now very popular among gamers – Shadow of Death.

Shadow of Death 1

This game was released 1 month ago by Zonmob Game Studio, support for Android platform for totally free. The game was released shortly but received nearly 100,000 positive reviews from players and the number of downloads on app stores has steadily increased. Currently, on Google Play, Shadow of Death MOD Apk has received over 5 million downloads – an impressive number.

Shadow of Death – New ARPG Game from Zonmod Game Studio


The game takes the player to a place called City of Light, a land of Aurora. The land was blessed by the goddess and it’s where King Luther built and ruled his kingdom. He and other heroes have set up the royal family named The Eye of Oracle to preserve and develop the ancient knowledge, including Magic, Art, Alchemy, Astrology, Medicine, etc. These things helped him build this wonderful kingdom.

Shadow of Death 2

But the kingdom only remained beautiful until the 15th King Lutheran. He wanted to revive his dead sister. Thus he had studied Dark magic, Medicine, and Alchemy then created a disease that only he could heal and took advantage of it to collect human bodies to serve for his purpose. From then on, the kingdom was in turmoil, strange epidemics and monsters appeared everywhere, and the king himself disappeared miraculously.

Shadow of Death 3

At this time, Max – who was a royal general of King Luther 14, has survived from the explosion that year. Twenty years after the explosion, Max woke up in a strange, deserted place with fragmented memories. Max becomes strange and much stronger. And Max’s journey begins, he needs to search for the answers to what’s going on with him and Aurora. Getting involved in the game, the player will take the role of the main character Max to discover what happened to him as well as the kingdom.

Shadow of Death 4

Attractive action gameplay

In term of gameplay, Shadow of Death MOD Apk developed in the style of action role-playing (ARPG) that is quite similar to the popular Shadow Fight series. Here the player will control the main character Max to adventure everywhere and find out the truth. This is like a survival game when the only way to survive is to destroy the monsters on the way, collect weapons, armor, practice skills and strengthen to confront the danger.

Players need to collect the best weapons for their character, to enter the fight and conquer the most difficult battles. The game control is also quite simple, players will have a navigation button and skill buttons to launch the character’s skills.

Wonderful graphics

Shadow of Death is equipped with high-end 3D graphics with stunning visual. Like Shadow Fight, the Shadow of Death MOD MODER APK mainly has the dark colors and is outstanding thanks to the beautiful virtual lighting effects. The characters in the game are quite impressive, not too detailed but prominent thanks to the color and light.

Download Shadow of Death MOD Apk

Overall, Shadow of Death MOD Apk is an exciting action-packed game, with a not too new gameplay but still catching the attention of players around the globe. If you’ve ever loved the famous Shadow Fight game, you should try Shadow of Death, which will give you a very enjoyable experience. You can download the game from the link below.

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