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Shadow Fight 2 4


  • Publisher: NEKKI
  • Platforms: Android 3.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 30M
  • Latest Version: 2.0.4
  • MOD Features: Unlimited Money
  • Date Updated: May 3, 2019

We can be sure that no one is strange with the super popular game title Shadow Fight – an incredible fighting game for the mobile platform which was released long ago. And recently, the game’s producer has released another version of it called Shadow Fight 2. This is an upgraded version with many new attractive features. This latest version is also considered as the most successful version of Nekki – the game’s producer. And it’s very easy to understand that Shadow Fight still have a high position on every game chart or ranking. Now, we will introduce you to the most outstanding things of this game and give you the special version – Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK that you will definitely love it.

Shadow Fight 2 1

The appealing storyline of Shadow Fight 2

One of the most interesting thing in Shadow Fight2 starts right after you get into the game, you will transform into a samurai – the warrior that’s too powerful to be defeated or overcome. He’s being on the journey of looking for the worthy opponent around the world. And he has become arrogant after many victories. After that, he even strictly broke the traditional samurai law: break the Gate of Shadow’s seal. For more information, this is where the world’s most dangerous evils are kept in prison.

Shadow Fight 2 2

And definitely, that big mistake has caused him to suffer the bad sequel. It has released the great darkness world, and the magic of the Gate of Shadow has taken his appearance, leaving him only a shadow. Then begin the great journey of the samurai warrior to find out the truth, the mysterious things behind all the devil and most importantly, is to once again defeat all the enemy.

Engaging gameplay

Joining the game, you will immediately realize that it has similar gameplay to a traditional Roleplaying game that Mortal Kombat and Tekken are the two most notable names. You will take the role of the great samurai warrior and begin the fierce 1vs1 battle with another enemy. You have to use the control key system to move, attack, dodge and defense. One of the most typical thing in this game genre is that you have to skillfully combine the keys on the screen to create a powerful special attack to quickly defeat the enemy. It can also create the continuous combos. Moreover, you can not only fight by the bear hand to hit or use weapons but also with three other types of attack:

  • Your legs to kick.
  • Use Dag to attack and cause great damage for the enemy from a long distance.
  • Use Mage to create magic and attack.
Shadow Fight 2 3

Like other games of the same genre, Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK also brings you will many different difficulty levels from easy to hard. You can get used to the gameplay and the control system with the first easy levels, and then strengthen the skill with many other difficult levels and hard-to-defeat enemies.

The mode of the game

General speaking, Shadow Fight 2 is a quite easy game with just a few functions. But it does not mean that the game is suitable for the hasty one. You must spend lots of time so as to conquer all the level of the game. Besides, the producer also knows how to maintain the attraction by continuously adding new effects and special skills to the system. There will be many modes for you to choose from, starting with the Plot mode which includes 7 enemies and 7 chapters. After successfully get over this mode, you will have chances to unlock other modes such as Secondary (which allows you to earn money to buy supporting items), Tournament, Survival, Duels, Ascension, Challenge, Special, …

Shadow Fight 2 4

Nice graphics

Thanks to the modern technology, Nekki has created a very friendly game through the easy-to-look graphics and image. They made a strange contrast that highlights the background instead of doing so to the characters as other common games. It means that the characters are totally black with colorful backgrounds. What’s more, you can enjoy the super smooth experience while playing the game. The skill effects, the characters’ movements and even the tiny effect are done very carefully and eye-catching, even if it’s just 2D.

Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

In general, Shadow Fight 2 is totally a blockbuster fighting game that everyone should give it a try at least one time to see why it’s so popular. With the appealing, exciting gameplay combining with the nice graphics and effect system, Shadow Fight 2 has made many gamers getting addicted to it. And finally, as promised, we will bring you the Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK version with unlimited coins for you. Or you can also choose the original version to Google Play and App Store. Thank you very much!

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