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App NameSeven Knights 2
Publisher Netmarble
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Require7.0 and up
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The launch of Seven Knights 2 opened a new chapter in the RPG games. Powerful graphics, engaging gameplay, and an open-world storyline will leave you overwhelmed.

About Seven Knights 2

Seven Knights 2 returns to the race of outstanding mobile RPG games with many significant changes compared to the 2015 Seven Knight. From November 10, the global version will be released. The game’s story is an evolution of the seven legendary knights from the Netmarble. You can’t predict how the progress of the knights’ quests will turn out. Weapon systems and characters in the game are also carefully invested and added new elements. These changes aim to bring unforgettable experiences to players. Besides, its top-notch graphics are a significant consideration that makes you have to download and play immediately.

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The plot of the game

The world in Seven Knights 2 is mysterious and full of secrets. It begins on the day the god of destruction takes hold of the life of the planet. He divided his power among 12 world leaders. In the land of Asgard, there are seven people receiving this power. The war for power and strength also broke out from here. After a great flood occurred, Irene sacrificed herself to save the world. Before death, she passed her powers on to someone named Rudy. He is one of the last seven knights. However, to avoid abuse, he was unaware of this power. Under the mother’s decree, the journey to find Rudy begins.


The gameplay of Seven Knights 2 is a combination of strategy and eye-catching PK battles. You can interact, control the whole squad to move, and use skills. Firstly, your need to gather heroes and build a powerful team. Then participate in the matches and perform the required quests. The game has many stages for you to strive for. In the beginner stage, you will fight monsters manually. From equipping skills, aiming to attack, you have to do it all. However, when completing the beginner experience, you will use the auto-hit mechanism for convenience.

Besides, the game gives players a lot of PVP modes. You can choose to fight Raid Boss using the power of 8 characters or pass the duplicate mode. Duplicate mode helps you increase your character control skills and fight with many strange monsters. When you kill monsters, don’t forget to collect items and upgrade your character to improve strength. Besides, the game regularly organizes arenas for you to compete by rank in 1v1 mode. This mode helps players compete and compete for noble rewards.

Seven Knights 2 heroes

Build squads and control heroes

In this fighting game, team building is significant. You need to set up a squad of 4 heroes with different defensive or offensive functions. To arrange a good team in Seven Knights 2, you need to study the skills and combinations of heroes carefully. In some cases, you need to know how to combine heroes to create explosive combos. Each match allows you to use four heroes at the same time. However, you only can control one main hero. That means you can freely move and use the hero’s special skills. The remaining generals will fight automatically according to the presets. Besides, you can flexibly switch control of 1 of 4 heroes.

In addition, before the battle, you can upgrade the equipment and skills of your hero. After upgrade, the strength of the heroes will increase significantly. In particular, let pay attention to equipment attributes such as an advanced attack, damage, defense. For the hero to maximize his strength, try to choose the right equipment.

Seven Knights 2 gameplay

Diverse Hero System

Seven Knights 2 gives players 46 heroes to choose from. Each hero will have different strengths and fighting abilities. Heroes are classified into five categories:

  • DPS – High damage for a long time. However, this group’s defense and stamina are pretty low.
  • Tank – Good defense. However, this group has low damage, so the attacks are not robust.
  • Support – Good squad buff. However, this group is quite skill-dependent and has low enemy damage.
  • Universal – Flexibility between attack and defense. This group is good at fighting but doesn’t have any special skills.
  • Ranged – Ranged attack, dealing continuous damage. The disadvantages of this group is low HP and defense.

Although belonging to different groups, you can combine the skills of these heroes. Once successfully combined, they will create combos with stunning effects. These combos also deal high damage to kill the Boss in one hit.

Graphics based on Unreal Engine 4

The graphics of Seven Knights 2 are built based on Unreal Engine 4 technology. From shaping the heroes, their power effects and movements are smooth; all designed stunningly. The Boss’s shape and the epic battle locations also give the game thrilling segments. In addition, the NPCs or the contexts are almost perfect. All give you the feeling of experiencing an AAA game on PC. Moreover, the effect when the heroes show their skills is terrific. It makes you feel like you are watching an exciting action movie.


Netmarble has created an excellent mobile game. With perfect graphics and unique gameplay, you only want to play Seven Knights 2 non-stop. Download the game now and experience the fascinating new story.

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