SEGA Heroes MOD Apk v61.178799 (MOD coins/gems) for Android, iOS

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SEGA Heroes 1


  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 99M
  • Latest Version: 61.178799
  • MOD Features: MOD Coins/Gems
  • Date Updated: May 3, 2019

SEGA is one of the most famous game companies in the world for many years with many popular game titles. Most prominent in the SEGA series is the games about blue hedgehog called Sonic, such as Sonic CD ClassicSonic Runners AdventureSonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic, … In addition, SEGA also has many other famous game brands that are widely popular all over the world. And recently, they have released a new role-playing game for the mobile platform called SEGA Heroes.

SEGA Heroes 1

SEGA Heroes game was released in mid-November recently, support for the Android platform, iOS for completely free. Being released by SEGA but SEGA Heroes was developed by Demiurge Studios. Listening to its name, you can guess the content of the game. SEGA Heroes is a synthesis of all the SEGA characters. They will gather in this game, in a super attractive role-playing style that will definitely make you excited. Moreover, this game will bring you a completely new style, unlike any previous game of SEGA. And now, let’s find out more about SEGA Heroes through the article below.

Review SEGA Heroes – SEGA’s new role-playing game

The content of the game

In terms of content, SEGA Heroes is a comprehensive game developed based on the famous brands that SEGA has ever released. SEGA Heroes will incorporate many famous characters you have ever known before to create an extremely diverse character system. The content of the game will be entirely new, not under any previous game of the SEGA.

SEGA Heroes 2

About the plot, SEGA Heroes is about the war of the SEGA heroes with the dark forces who intend to occupy the world. The story is that the mysterious and powerful Dremagen has discovered the SEGA universe and prepared to dominate this world. These villains got the help of Dr. Eggman Robotnik to trap the hedgehog Sonic and the mightiest heroes of SEGA like GOLDEN AX, SHINOBI, STREETS OF RAGE and many other heroes. They had fallen under the control of Dremagen. Joining the game, you will select a hero from the SEGA universe to begin the journey of protecting this beautiful world and fight against the evil enemies like Dr. Eggman Robotnik, Mr. X, and Death Adder.

SEGA Heroes 3

Interesting gameplay

This time, SEGA Heroes MOD Apk has developed the roleplay style rather than the adventure gameplay in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Coming to the game, you will collect the legendary heroes from the SEGA universe to bring them to epic battles. You will have to constantly upgrade your heroes in many ways to strengthen their attacks. The game will feature major gameplay modes such as PvE based plots, real-time PvP and multiplayer mode for players to fight together, … Each game mode will have its own attractions, and every mode is very attractive that you can not miss. Each match in the game will take place in the form of Match 3 puzzle before you choose the tactics for the character battle.

SEGA Heroes 4

Diverse character system

As mentioned above, SEGA Heroes is based on the famous heroes of SEGA, so the character system of the game is extremely diverse. Here, you will be able to meet famous characters in the games such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, Golden Ax, Shinobi, Super Monkey Ball, Jet Set Radio, Phantasy Star … Added new characters after each monthly update. These characters will remain in their original shape and skill as the original version.


The game SEGA Heroes MOD Apk is developed with 2D graphics that is quite simple but the image quality in the game is very sharp, not inferior to other 3D games today. In terms of visual design, there is nothing new about characters and skills as they were in the original SEGA releases. In general, the graphics of SEGA Heroes are not new and unique so we will not appreciate much of this point.

Download SEGA Heroes MOD Apk

SEGA Heroes has a unique Match 3 puzzle game that will give you a completely new experience. Overall, this is a great game of SEGA, and it’s sure to be popular around the world. The last part will be the download link for you. There will be the original SEGA Heroes and the SEGA Heroes MOD Apk version with the features like MOD coins/gems.

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