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  • Publisher: First Touch Games
  • Platforms: Android 5.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 83M
  • Latest Version: 1.71
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: May 10, 2019

First Touch Games, a well-known game developer with some extremely addictive football games, has been very successful with the Dream League Soccer. The Dream League Soccer game is favored by players all over the world, with attractive gameplay and modest content that does not require highly configurable equipment like FIFA Online or PES. Recently, this manufacturer continues to launch a new football game that is extremely attractive with the name Score! Match.

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The game Score! Match was first released on January 23rd and support for both Android and iOS mobile handsets, for totally free. This is an entertaining game with fairly simple gameplay and unlike previously released football games, it has a different gameplay style. Here, ApkMod will introduce the features, how to play and how to download games on your device.

Score! Match – First Touch Games football game

Interesting gameplay

As usual, other football games will allow the player to become a coach and direct all players to play football matches with their opponents with the rules as a real football match. But with this Score! Match game, it brings the player to the situation before the opponent’s goal, the player will have to choose the correct solution to get the ball into the opponent’s grid. Players can choose to pass the ball to the team or shoot the ball when the best shot. So players will experience the game through the game with different difficulty in the game. There will also be online play modes for players around the world to compete against each other.

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After each winning match, players will be able to unlock new players. The player system will select from the football myths in history and the present. New football players will have better skills so players need to open as many characters as possible. In addition, the player can also buy new players by trading money in the game. This amount will be awarded to each player after the game.

Method of control

Any movement, passing or kicking in the game is done by swiping on the phone screen. You will need to draw a line from the ball to the position you want to shoot or pass the ball to the team. You can choose straight (swipe straight) or swing (curve swipe) to bring the ball to the net or to other team players. The faster you swipe, the more definitely the ball will fly as fast and strong. As such, you can create swirling shots into the goal as professional players, creating goals glorious.

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Graphics and sound

Graphics is a very important point with football games so First Touch Games has selected a modern 3D graphics to equip Score! Match. The scene in the game is created as a real football field in real life with the system of grass, stadiums, cameras, spectators, … With the system players are shaped identical to the players Famous in real life, will give players the feeling of the best experience. In addition to the soundtrack system, the sound of football commentators is very lively.

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Download Score! Match MOD Apk 

Here we can see that the Score! Match is really exciting with the new gameplay that is unlike other football games. Once again, First Touch Games will succeed with its football game. You can download the game Score! Match on your phone to experience via the link below for free.

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