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In case you don’t know, SaGa is a science fiction RPG game which was first released by the publisher Square (now is Square Enix) in 1989. Going through over 30 years of development, before the launch and competition from many other game titles in the same genre, and this brand still exists and continues to be invested more and more. Referring to SaGa: Scarlet Graces, the Square Enix version was released on PS Vita in Japan in December 2016, marking the 25th anniversary of the release of the brand.

SaGa Scarlet Graces mobile 1

Although it was not mentioned in the live stream Nintendo last week, Scarlett Graces will continue to be released for the iOS and Android platforms in 2018 in Japan, according to a secret source. It is worth noting that the game will also be released for Switch, PS 4 and PC (Steam). Let’s take a look at the mobile version of the game SaGa: Scarlet Graces has, whether it can achieve the same success as the original or not.

Introducing SaGa: Scarlet Graces Mobile – Square Enix’s hit role-playing game

As soon as it is available on the new platform, the game will have a new name – SaGa: Scarlet Graces – Hiiro no Yabou (Scarlet Ambition). The mobile version of the game will remain loyal to the PS Vita version of content, gameplay, and character creation, bringing players back to the fictional world of the 80s. The game involves the character development from many previous versions of SaGa, revolves around the separate stories of the four main characters.

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If you feel lonely because you do not have many friends, do not worry because the game will allow you to make friends with more than 70 characters in the game. Like most JRPG titles, the in-game combat features traditional combat systems such as Timeline, “Sparks” and “Party Formation”. Currently, the official launch date of the game has not been revealed, but if nothing changes, the mobile version will be available in the App Store and Google Play in 2018.

Viewed from the different side, there are so many new interesting features added to this mobile version. What is mentioning is that some new factors such as dubbing voice, new background music, new character and many other features will be added to the game. In addition, players will also experience different situations depending on their decision thanks to a completely new system – “Free Scenario.”

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Impressive graphics

If the original SaGa on PC and Console is outstanding with high-quality 3D graphics, the mobile version this time is likewise. In a little more detail, the SaGa: Scarlet Graces Mobile is based on the latest 3D graphics, delivering crisp, true-looking images, which is no inferior to other today’s PC games. The character creation, landscape to small objects are created in high detail. Can be seen SaGa: Scarlet Graces Mobile is very meticulous investment for the image.

Download SaGa: Scarlet Graces MOD APK for Android, iOS

Generally speaking, the version of SaGa: Scarlet Graces Mobile is almost identical to the original version, even though it is equipped with many new features not to boring players. Sure SaGa: Scarlet Graces will be a great game that can not be missed in the future. Currently, the game is not officially released, you follow ApkMod regularly to download the game as soon as possible.

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