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App NameRyuko - Legend of Shadow Hunter
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Ryuko – Legend of shadow hunter is a fascinating game that lets you play as a female hunter. So, what happened to her? What is her mission? Let’s find out through the following article.

Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter Overview

Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter is a mobile game inspired by Ghost of Tsushima. It allows you to play as Ryuko, the last member of a ninja clan, and accompany her on her arduous journey.

Specifically, you will be adventuring in a large beautiful land called Kurome. The people of this land have been infected with dark energy and turned into brutal monsters. You will have to fight them in many different styles from stealth, sweep, and raid – it’s all up to you to choose.

Ryuko’s clan has the ability to use the energy of darkness, and Ryoko is no exception. She can use this energy with her right hand to curse enemies, break protective seals, subdue enemies, etc. In addition, you can also use many different weapons. We will cover this in the following section.

About the developer of this game, Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter is published by Horizon Games Inc. They have also developed many famous games, such as Takeshi Ninja Warrior, Grand Pridion, and Steel Robot Ring Fighting. Therefore, you can fully expect exciting experiences in Ryuko’s world.

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Storyline: Simple But Still Different

As mentioned above, you will accompany Ryuko, a brave female warrior, on her journey back to her land to save her grandfather and remove the curse from Kurome.

So, what happened?

This game is set in medieval Japan. All brave ninja of this land has become evil after this land is cursed. Unfortunately, this curse is increasingly spreading to the neighboring lands. As a result, many innocent people were killed. So, Ryuko must fight evil forces to save her loved ones and break the curse.

To fight the curse, she has to fight while wearing a bandage covering her eyes. 

You will accompany Ryuko on this journey to face skilled warriors. They are equipped with muskets, a weapon popular in Japan in the 1540s. They are capable of dealing massive damage over a certain period. Meanwhile, she only has swords,  guns, and creativity in martial arts. Over time, the difficulty will also increase gradually, bringing an incredible and exciting experience to players. So, be careful!

Over time, her skills, courage, and experience will improve. But, in the end, will Ryuko be able to break the death curse? Only you can answer this question.

In your journey, in addition to fighting with scary monsters, you can also find secret treasures hidden at each level. However, with them is a system of dangerous traps.

Ryuko - Legend of Shadow Hunter gameplay

Rich Weapon System

Like many other role-playing games, you can upgrade your character, unlock weapons, and strengthen your armor. But, of course, you must use the right equipment, weapons, and skills for each situation.

In the world of Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter, your character uses a giant sword as the main weapon. However, you can find other weapons, such as shurikens, pistols, and some types of katanas (which include Katana, Dual Katana, and Great Katana). During the battles, you can change weapons. So, make use of them for different tactics. 

On the other hand, it is possible to pump your weapons, which improves its rate of fire (for a pistol) or directly damage (for melee weapons). In addition, you can apply stealth to kill enemies without causing attention.

Upgrade Your heroes

To survive in Ryuko’s world, it is necessary to constantly improve and pump your skills. The system allows you to improve a number of stats, including body, vitality, luck, the strength of your special skills, as well as awareness. The last stat deals with stealth and detection of hidden threats in battle. Over time, you will receive skill points that are used to upgrade the above parameters.

Ryuko - Legend of Shadow Hunter features

Control system

Basically, the control system of Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter is similar to other action role-playing games on mobile. You use the joystick on the left to move your character. On the opposite side is a group of action buttons including attack, dash, activate skills, and use items. Crazy combos are created when you combine the navigation and attack buttons. Besides, each weapon has a separate move set and skill system. The weapon’s special skill is activated when you damage an opponent to fill the energy bar.

Graphics & Sound

Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter is designed in eye-catching 3D graphics; every detail in the game is designed in Japanese ninja style. Moreover, you will get beautiful effects and lively sounds when combating.

One of the best things about this game is that it is compatible with most Android devices. However, to get the best experience, you’ll need 3GB of RAM and 1024 MB for a graphics card.

MOD APK of Ryuko – Legend of Shadow

MOD info

  • Menu MOD: Activate the mod function before entering the battle
  • Free shopping: You can shop and upgrade everything in the game even if you don’t have enough money.

Final Thoughts

Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter has an attractive plot, beautiful graphics, and simple gameplay. If you are a lover of the ARPG series of games, you will certainly not want to miss this game.

You will face many challenges, including mini-bosses and bosses. They force you to show all your skills to survive. But, in addition, they give you a very bleak, focused, twisted, and most importantly, challenging experience.

This game is quite light and suitable for most Android devices. Unfortunately, Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter is still not available on iOS for many reasons related to censorship. However, iOS users can fully expect to be accompanied by Ryuko in the future.

Surviving in Ryuko is a challenging task! Are you ready?

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