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You probably already know RWBY, the famous American TV series many years ago. The special point of RWBY is that it was developed in the traditional Japanese anime style. The film revolves around a group of teenagers who want to train to become monster hunters – the Grimm monsters. And some time ago, we have received the information about RWBY: Amity Arena, an interesting game developed based on this famous movie brand.

RWBY Amity Arena 1

And now, RWBY: Amity Arena has officially been released on October 22nd by NHN Entertainment. It’s now available on Google Play and AppStore for totally free. Accordingly, the game RWBY: Amity Arena has developed the role-playing gameplay based on an extremely impressive 3D graphics. For more information about RWBY: Amity Arena, please refer to our article below.

Select your HUNTSMEN

The game offers an extremely diverse character system for you to choose from, in which you can choose any Huntsmen or Huntress from Vale, Mistral, Atlas or Vacuo. Each character has unique combat abilities and weaknesses so that the player based on that to build your own tactics. You can choose friendly matches to get familiar with your character before entering real-time matches and climb up the rankings. Characters in the game must collect in the form of cards like MOBA games. All characters in the game are selected from the character system of the famous RWBY movie brand.

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Tactical gameplay

Just like any other MOBA tactical game, you can choose from one of the main modes of training, friendship and real-time competition to climb the global player rankings. In the real-time PvP, your opponents will be other players so you have to use your intelligence and skill to win. Your task is to attack, destroy the main house of the enemy before they do it. To win the battle, you have to use the right tactics along with the right character. If you understand the strengths and weaknesses of many different characters, you will be able to easily pick them up in battle.

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Impressive 3D graphics

The game RWBY: Amity Arena is developed with extremely eye-catching 3D graphics. Especially the anime style in the RWBY TV brand still remains the same. Even the characters in the game will remain the same in the original movie. With a top-down perspective, you will be able to easily observe the whole battle to make the right tactical choices.

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Download RWBY: Amity Arena APK

Overall, RWBY: Amity Arena was developed with the favored MOBA style now, being inspired by the famous RWBY brand from the US, so it will definitely get the attention of players around the world. If you like RWBY: Amity Arena, you can download the game from the link below to experience it.

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