Download RunningMan Heroes APK V0.3.5- New action game of NetEase

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RunningMan Heroes 1


  • Publisher: NetEase
  • Platforms: Android +
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): Varies with deviceB
  • Latest Version: Varies with device
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  • Date Updated: December 8, 2018

Introducing RunningMan Heroes – New action game from NetEase

Running Man is a popular Korean TV show. The program is divided into different genres such as Comedy, TV game show, TV comedy. Currently, many other countries have licensed the Running Man to broadcast. But for the first time, this program was adapted into a game by NetEase, the world’s leading game company.

RunningMan Heroes 1

This game is called RunningMan Heroes, which has just been released by NetEase in early December on Google Play for the Android platform. However, the current version of RunningMan Heroes is just a test version for players to play on Android devices. The official version will support for iOS when it’s released. RunningMan Heroes was developed with the action gameplay with the image similar to the famous game Brawl Stars. RunningMan Heroes, however, has many new features compared to Brawl Stars.

RunningMan Heroes 2

Special plot

The plot of the game is based on the extremely interesting animated cartoons as well as the game show of the same name. This show is popular in many countries around the world, so this will be an attractive content will be favorably welcomed by global players. When participating in the game RunningMan Heroes, players will have the opportunity to meet seven familiar characters in Running Man. Each character possesses unique skills and promises to bring a lot of interesting emotions for the player. However, the content of the game and the gameplay is not much like the TV shows which you have already known.

A unique action playground

About the gameplay, RunningMan Heroes has an action gameplay with a variety of different game modes for you to choose. The main and most concerned modes are 3v3, team battles, generals destruction, and the most popular survival gameplay. Entering each battle, the player can choose from several different characters to join at the same time. By choosing a lot of fighting characters, you will understand the strengths and weaknesses of the characters, then they can know how to choose the right character in the game.

RunningMan Heroes 3

In addition to real-time PVP modes, RunningMan Heroes APK also provides the familiar storyline-based mode. In this mode, you will be able to control your characters through outgoing gameplay scenarios, each of which is a different scene. At the end of each level of play, you will face the enormous BOSS, which is very difficult to kill because of the great of amount of blood and different power.

RunningMan Heroes 4

Funny graphics

Running Man is best known for its comedic genres, so this game is also very funny. The character system in the game is created in the animation style which is quite simple but very eye-catching. These characters will be human-shaped creatures with extremely funny hair and costumes. Overall, the game RunningMan Heroes has appealing 3D graphics which can provide you the best experience for players.

Download RunningMan Heroes APK

NetEase, this time, has successfully exploited a new theme that is a popular TV show with humor element, and they also did not forget to add the current trend – the survival mode. Overall, RunningMan Heroes is an exciting, entertaining action game that’s worth a try. Currently, you can only try out the game RunningMan Heroes APK in a short time, the official version will be released in the near future. And here is a download link for you to try RunningMan Heroes.

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