Download Rover Rage APK + Data - Game assembly Rover by NetEase

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Rover Rage 1


  • Publisher: NetEase
  • Platforms: Android +
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 99M
  • Latest Version: 0.100.59
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: December 12, 2018

Rover Rage – Game assembly Rover by NetEase

In the previous articles, we have introduced NetEase’s many new titles, most of which are survival games, the variants with a variety of content such as Ride Out HeroesThe Day After TomorrowCyber HunterQuantum Special Attack, or Operation Stormy Island. Recently, NetEase has brought a new non-survival game called Rover Rage.

Rover Rage 1

Rover Rage is a mobile game with the theme of fighting machine building, released by NetEase in late November. Currently, new games are available only on the Google Play store for Android devices, and the iOS version is not available yet. Coming to Rover Rage, you’ll be in a completely new game style of creating a fighting machine and experience spectacular battles in the vast universe without being constrained by any rules.

Background of the game

The game Rover Rage opens a fantasy world in the near future where humans no longer exist, no creatures or trees but only large desert machines. There is no human appearance but Modular Technology has been greatly developed that has profound effects on human civilization. By combining the different modules collected on abandoned planets, people can build and create special machines with limited capabilities. It makes modules a scarce resource and the symbol of power.

Rover Rage 2

Unique gameplay

As a mainly assembling and construction game, the Rover Rage will still provide many fighting scenes of the Rovers, which will show up the ability to build Rover of players around the world. Your task in the game Rover Rage is to win the opponent and to get the module for yourself. Once you have created yourself a complete Rover, you can increase the power, or customize the exterior with countless accessories appears in the game. From guns, lasers, electromagnetic waves … to boost the combat ability to the accessories which can accelerate or increase the resistance of your tank. Each type of accessory will have different effects to upgrade your Rover.

Rover Rage 3

You can choose the alone mode of play to fight with other players, or Duo mode, playing in the team. With Duo mode, you can join in forces with other players to share the module to support each other in the case. A similar feature in survival games is that when you defeat other opponents, you can collect from the enemy any accessories, as long as it matches your Rover. From there you can upgrade your Rover easily without having to spend a lot of time searching. Thanks to this type of play, the player will intensify the fight to develop his Rover, making Rover Rage APK a sense of a survival game.

Main features:

  • Design, build yourself a unique Rover both in appearance as well as strength
  • Choose from over 200 modules with separate functions. Cannon, Sniper, EMP, Laser … to perfect your Rover. You can customize it indefinitely
  • Constantly upgrade accessories for a more powerful Rover
  • Loot, collect the accessories of enemies in real time battle
  • Develop tactics with friends through team matches, demonstrating the ability to coordinate between players
  • High-end graphics, vivid experience
  • Gameplay is free with many different modes
Rover Rage 4

Detailed images

NetEase has developed this game Rover Rage with a beautiful 3D graphics. From the very first entry, you will be fascinated by the sharp images in the mysterious dark colors, highlighted by the brilliant light effects. Rover Rage opens up vast environments of different planets, where only mountain ranges, large rocks, rivers, etc. appear, not the appearance of life like plants and animals. With the detailed creation of the accessories, each player will be able to create a unique Rover that is not the same, bring the most varied gameplay possible.

Download Rover Rage APK

NetEase is typically based on other popular games to develop their products. But this time, they have created a brand new game called Rover Rage APK. This game possesses novel gameplay, not many similar games are released. It is likely that this will be a new gaming trend in the coming time that NetEase is a leading developer. Here is the link to download the Rover Rage APK game and the original version from Google Play, AppStore for you to choose.

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