RoughAnimator – animation app
RoughAnimator – animation app

RoughAnimator - animation app MOD APK (Full Paid) 3.19

Everything you need to create hand drawn animation, anywhere you go!

App NameRoughAnimator - animation app
Publisher WeirdHat
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoFull Paid
Get it onGoogle Play

About RoughAnimator 

RoughAnimator is an outstanding Android software developed by an animator for animators that allows users to create hand-drawn animations. This robust program has everything you need to make conventional hand-drawn frame-by-frame cartoons on the fly, making it perfect for experts and amateurs.

Fundamental Characteristics:

  • Whether you’re animating in poses or just going for a straight shot, you’ll appreciate the timeline’s infinite layers and tunable exposure times for individual drawings.
  • To peel an onion
  • Try it out first
  • The timeline can be scrubbed
  • Bring in sound for lip-syncing
  • Rotoscoping animation requires video import.
  • Tailored combs
  • Compatible with the Samsung S-Pen and other devices that sense pressure
  • Modify the frame rate and image quality.
  • Convert animation into a GIF, picture sequence, or QuickTime movie.
  • RoughAnimator files may be brought into After Effects, Adobe Flash/Animate, and Toon Boom Harmony.
  • Also accessible on desktop

Let Your Cartooning Skills Soar!

RoughAnimator is the ideal program to study and experiment with if you have a passion for cartoons and want to one day create your own. With this program, even beginner artist may quickly and easily communicate their thoughts and feelings through sketching, resulting in fantastic cartoon character drawings that convey a gripping tale. The picture’s saturation, hue, and lightness may all be customized to your preferences.

Make Eye-Catching Animated Movies

Drawing animation allows you to create appealing movies or animated short films since each figure moves in a dynamic and adaptable fashion. Removing the states of animals or anything else by a wide range of emotions may make your image more engaging and appealing to a broad audience. Make the most of your discerning eye as a painter to produce stunning masterpieces.

A Convenient and Helpful Program

For those who love to paint, RoughAnimator is a simple program designed specifically for you. It adds much value to your educational experience by letting you make stunning artwork without the need for traditional drawing materials like paper and crayons. While using a mobile device to draw, you may alter the thickness of each line to get the desired effect. The content of many great tales will reveal itself to you once you put in some time at the easel.

Clear and Straightforward Display Layout

The application’s user interface is uncluttered, light, and straightforward. Everything has been thoughtfully sequenced to create an engaging and clear user experience. The manufacturer’s superb design has resulted in a large number of signups. I highly recommend doing so immediately if you have never used it before.

Create Picture Sequences or GIFs from Animated Clips

With RoughAnimator, you can save your animations into the most beautiful GIFs possible. Instead, you may have them float in the air in a series of erratic still images. The sharpness of all photographs may also be adjusted to your liking. Preview your drawings before committing them to an animated video.


In conclusion, RoughAnimator is an excellent tool for anyone interested in traditional animation. This powerful program equips you with everything you need to make classic hand-drawn cartoons on the move. It’s simple to use and packed with capabilities, allowing you to create stunning animations that can be exported as Quicktime movies, GIFs, or picture sequences. You may get RoughAnimator for free on your mobile device and use it to help you think beyond the box.

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