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As a story writer, you can decide the ending and the character’s development through different situations in Romance Club. This story-based game has always been received high recommendations from players by the surprises in the plot.

About Romance Club – Stories I Play

Action games offer breathtaking battles and cool character control skills. Puzzle games help you train your brain and entertain. Based on the story games will make you more realistic and have better problem-solving skills. These benefits come from playing the main character in different stories. You can find all of this interest in Romance Club. This game allows you to decide the fate of characters you choose through choices. A lot of fascinating stories are waiting for you to discover and incarnate. There is no obligation or limitation in liability. Live the way you want and make every choice according to your heart.

Romance Club is developed and published by Your Story Interactive. The game has now reached more than 20 million downloads on the Play Store and received more than 400 thousand positive reviews from players. If you’ve ever loved storytelling games on mobiles like Episode or Choices: Stories You Play, this game is definitely not a bad choice. There are many stories in all genres for you to choose from and explore. Are you ready to try it now?

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Familiar gameplay

The gameplay of Romance Club is quite interesting and gives you many surprises. You will never know what will happen in the future or how you will meet people. If you have experienced the stories in Episode Choose Your Story; you will quickly reintegrate into this game’s story. This game doesn’t just help you experience being in a world. Instead, it leads you to many different storylines and settings. You can experience many cool activities at the beginning of stories. The choices in the story revolve around chatting, doing quests, pleasing other people, or communicating with different types of men.

All of these jobs are under your control. The system will give you choices based on other characters’ interests. Let make decisions based on personal opinions. The flow of the story will also follow your choices closely. For example, if you refuse to get to know a man, you may never see him again. Job opportunities are the same. They can appear or leave you at the time you choose.

Selection of different stories to experience

The stories in Romance Club are not as short as you think. It has many scenarios, dialogues, and unforeseen developments. The producer seems to have calculated and designed the content of the stories in a deeper direction. At the main interface, you can experience many stories. They are Wave Patrol, My Hollywood Story, Sails in the Fog and Queen in 30 Days, etc. These stories will be in many forms. Thus, you can refer to the previous information before deciding. In addition, you can start the fateful development by choosing one of the following main stories:


You will experience the story of your life with this content first. A vampire lord will appear and change everything in your life. He hid his identity and intentionally approached you. Will you accept or reject him? When it comes to acceptance, will your love story be similar to Twilights? If you refuse, will you lose your chance to be happy with your love? Acceptance may give you many opportunities to discover new things. You will visit the royal residence in the Kingdom of Footrest and fight to overcome the forces. Depending on your decision, the ending of the story in Romance Club will change.


In this love story, you will transform into the heroine. You will fall in love with a prince from a strange planet. The prince is harmed by rivals in the kingdom and has him straying to your place. He needs your help and love to forget the hatred. Accept it and make him love life more on the new planet. If you don’t like the hassle, you can turn him down right away.


This Romance Club’s love story takes place at a special academy. This academy is not for normal people as it is where angels and demons live and study. As you know, angels and demons are two opposing forces. That’s also why this academy never had peace. Many surprises and temptations often occur. What will you do with your love? Will you struggle or ignore the fate of an angel to love the devil?


The main character of this story is beautiful, but her fate is not so. Traffickers captured her and made her life dark. They kept forcing her to become a prostitute. She does not accept reality and always tries to escape this torment. However, the world outside her captivity is scarier than she thought. Will she survive and successfully break out of this captivity?

Romance Club-features

Customize your character with unique clothes and jewelry

Romance Club doesn’t just stop at providing decisions for you to choose for your life. This game allows players to customize their characters with many different costumes. You can beautify the character by changing clothes, hairdressing, jewelry, etc. However, these costumes are not free. You can collect rubies or coffee cups in the game to buy costumes and jewelry. Make your character more gorgeous to attract new opportunities.

New story every week

In addition to the 100+ stories already available, new stories will be updated every week. It’s really a developer effort. You can continue your progress by discovering new stories. Romance Club works with talented writers to develop fresh storylines and always ensure their originality. Don’t worry if you don’t find a suitable story on Romance Club because new content is pushed up weekly for everyone to explore.

MOD APK of Romance Club

MOD info

  • Free Premium Choices (read notes below)
  • No Ads (except for the first appearance, they should not occur anymore unless you restart the game)


There’s a known bug with the free premium choices mod, which unfortunately might turn all the text of the episode into an encoded text, and this is the downside of this MOD, but you can repeat the episode after you clear it, and read the full story without this issue as the text should be readable afterwhile.


Romance Club has a big impact on the events in the stories you experience. Download Romance Club MOD APK now to become the main director and decide the fate of characters in the stories you choose.

Download Romance Club MOD APK (Ad-free/Free choices) 1.0.28200

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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