Download Roller Splat! MOD APK v1.7 (Voodoo) for Android, iOS

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Roller Splat 4


  • Publisher: Voodoo
  • Platforms: Android 4.4+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 61M
  • Latest Version: 1.7
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: April 25, 2019

Voodoo releases new addictive entertainment game: Roller Splat!

Voodoo continues to release a new product for its “addictive” game series, and it will still be a game with very simple gameplay that even children can play. This game is called Roller Splat!, recently released by Voodoo on February 20, now available on the AppStore for iOS devices. As usual, the Android version via Google Play will be released shortly afterward. As usual, Roller Splat! will be an entertaining game that does not require the skill or tactic of the player, and it only has a single game mode. For exactly, Roller Splat! brings the gameplay of a puzzle game, but those puzzles in the game are quite simple. You can find out in advance how to play the game Roller Splat! Through the introduction below, to not take time to get used to the game experience.

Roller Splat 1

Create mazes filled with colors

Your task in this game is to use marble and roll it all over the maze to fill color to the maze. You must find a way to cover all the roads in the maze, without leaving any path unpainted. Every time you seal a maze, you have completed that level and prepare for the next level with a higher level of difficulty. And after finishing, you will feel satisfied when eating a bright paint on the roads of the labyrinth.

Roller Splat 2

More specifically about how to play, these mazes will be designed by horizontal and vertical lines, and you will control the ball rolling in a straight line (horizontal or vertical) to paint on those roads. You just need to put it in the direction you want, the paintball will roll itself off that path (it will stop when it hits the wall). It sounds simple but to complete mazes with many roundabout paths, it is a really big challenge. Remember, you have to cover all the roads in the labyrinth. Each time you brush the marble, it will endlessly roll off that path and can’t stop at your disposal. So you have to find a reasonable way to fully paint those roads. Moreover, you have to complete the painting of those roads with as few rolls as possible, which means that you need to limit the rolls the marble to achieve good performance at that level.

Roller Splat 3

Main features

  • Solve unique and interesting puzzle levels, don’t require too much of your thinking
  • Create smooth and refreshing ball rolling with bright paint lines
  • Play the game with the most pleasant and comfortable feeling, even very addictive
  • Completely free experience, no internet connection required
  • Various color system, from labyrinths, paint colors to marbles are constantly changing with eye-catching smooth colors
  • Simple and satisfying
  • Clean and beautiful paint physics.

Download Roller Splat! MOD APK

Roller Splat! has created a fun and easy puzzle gameplay which will definitely make you feel excited. You will have a relaxing moment after stressful working or studying hours with Roller Splat!. Also you can challenge your friends to join this game to see who can achieve higher levels, it will be very interesting! And the following will be the download link of Roller Splat! MOD APK for you.

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