Download Rocket Royale APK v1.5.5 - Fortnite-style survival game

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Rocket Royale 1

App Details

  • Publisher: OneTonGames
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 85M
  • Latest Version: 1.5.5
  • Date Updated: January 11, 2019

Rocket Royale – Fortnite-style survival game

It’s now June 2018, but the survival game trend still has no sign of ending. It is still the greatest game genre that gamers from all over the world favorite. Recently, another survival game has appeared with the similar style to the popular game Fortnite, this game is called Rocket Royale. This game was recently released a few days ago by the OneTonGames publisher. This new game is now available on the Google Play Store for Android devices, while the iOS version will be released shortly after. So what interesting things that this game Rocket Royale has in term of survival game genre? Is it attractive enough to compete with the supreme game such as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite Mobile? Let’s go through the below article of ApkMod.

Rocket Royale 1

Background of the game

Rocket Royale is an online shooting game Battle Royale where all the action takes place in a dead world. Everyone wants to have a peaceful life, they want to get rid of this deadly world. But the survival rules only allow one player to survive, so the survival war has exploded to find the best player. The chance of survival will be shared fairly among all players, so who will be the winner?

Rocket Royale 2

An interesting survival game

Entering the game, you will still be transported to a dead area with many other players. Your task will be to collect everything necessary for survival, especially the weapons to fight against other players. You can also choose another way is to collect the gears and build a missile to get out of this place and become the winner. Or you need to choose the hardest mode in which you must defeat all the other players to become the only one who survives the battlefield. As in other survival games, you must have a unique strategy in every case to survive and defeat your enemies.

Rocket Royale 3

Build your own bases in your own way. Keep harnessing resources, even looting to reach your goal. You will be free to choose weapons in the arsenal of more than 20 categories which are divided by the strength and rarity. In addition to collecting new weapons, you can also upgrade your weapons. At the start of the game, you just can use the simple weapons such as hammers or pistols, and then pick up more advanced weapons such as a rifle, missile gun, and more.

Rocket Royale 4

Unique graphics

The game Rocket Royale is equipped with sharp 3D graphics and cartoon style, which is not realistic as other survival games. The visuals in the game are quite similar to the game Fortnite but in a closer view, especially at the characters in the game, it is formed in blocks – the familiar LEGO style. At least, Rocket Royale has brought a whole new experience to the players.

Download Rocket Royale APK V1.5.2

Rocket Royale gives players a fun, entertaining experience but not as realistic as the other game of the same genres. And of course, Rocket Royale APK is still a great game that you should certainly give it a try. Here are links to download the game, you can choose the version that fits your device and experience the great game Rocket Royale.

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